Kingdom Of Fear

I finally got my copy of the new Kingdom Of Fear album today. On first listen, its sounding excellent, I will hopefully give a more indepth review some point in the future. Kingdom Of Fear are UK hip hop favourites Kashmere (more about him and his quality new material in future posts!) and Jehst , with guest spots from Verd T, Micall Parknsun, Mr Thing, Jazz T and others.
The whole concept of the album is based on Hunter S Thompsons writing, epsecially the classic Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, if you can give me a better concept for a hip hop album, I’d like to hear it!

Check out the video for the Mitchell and Webb (infact the only good part of their rather average tv series) inspired “Sir Digby Chicken Ceaser”, and then go and grab the album out now on YNR Productions.


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