The Original Beat Diggin’ Documentary

The critically acclaimed and world’s first documentary film about beat diggin and Hiphop music production is now available to buy on DVD for the first time. Filmed in New York in 1997 it shows top producers Showbiz, Diamond D, Mr. Walt, Evil D, Godfather Don and more hard at work looking for obscure samples in record shops, creating new songs in the studio and talking shop.
Since its release in 1998 the film has achieved somewhat of a cult following, and having only been shown at festivals and on public TV it has long created a strong demand for a commercial release. The independent UK label CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS – responsible for unique releases by Kurious and Soundsci among others – has now stepped up and released a limited DVD run of the film.
The DVD package includes both the original 1998 version and a longer 2003 re-edit (also featuring Buckwild and Beatminerz’ Baby Paul) plus no less than 2 bonus films: ‘BEATS, RHYMES & VIDEOTAPE’ featuring legends Masta Ace, Gang Starr, Edo G, Artifacts, Pharcyde and more in their prime dropping timeless jewels about Hiphop, and ‘WHO’S NEXT?’ showing early 2000s up-and-comers Juggaknots, Rise, Ge-ology, Sub-Con, J-Live and more keeping the vibrant Hiphop tradition alive.

A must for all beat diggers and hip hop fans. Check out the trailer and then order the DVD!


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