Aspects – Rockrap Mixtape

Just a quick post to say Aspects have put up their 2005 mixtape Rockrap on soundcloud for free download. As they put it –

“Rockrap was originally released as a CD for sale exclusively on the mammoth “Free The Bees Tour” in 2005, where we were blessed to share the stage every night with The (mighty) Bees and the legendary Little Barrie.
Rockrap spread like a zombie plague and tracks were soon featured on Radio 1 and the entire mix was broadcast on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel show. This viral phenomena even lead to a hand-stamped white label 12″ of “Freedumb Song” (Zutons Jack) & “City Limits” (Gonga Remix). The concept of the mix was to give ya’ll a peep behind the curtain, to big up our crew of misfits and to show that The Dirtbombs and Muddy Waters sit next to Jay-Z on the Aspects playlist…”

Rock on!


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