HLI – Omniglyph

Coming straight out of Birmingham, hip hop duo HLI are bringing a breath of fresh air to the UK hip hop scene. They mix futuristic, electronic beats with intelligent, forward thinking lyrics. The “Omniglyph” EP, released on Spinning Compass Records, consists of 6 brand new tracks and 6 remixes. Remix duties are handled by, amongst others, Kashmere, Mike Ladd & The Infesticons and Thavius Beck, impressive line-up I must say!
Musically, you can hear hints of dubstep, grime, along with left field hip hop and electronica, creating an interesting and entertaining mixture. If I have to compare them to anyone, HLI”s sound reminds me of New Flesh, which may be no surprise as Juice Aleem features on “Opus Day”.
Rappers, Elai Immortal and Sensei C, come through with hard uncompromising rhymes, all delivered with their own unique styles with real intelligence. Even when they are double timing at break neck speed, you know this isn’t just your typical ten a penny rapper spitting bars, these guys have honed their skills,  love the art and truly believe in what they are saying.
If you are after something different coming from these shores, or just love good hip hop/music, make sure you check out HLI, you won’t regret it.


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