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Happy Christmas Everybody

Hello party peoChristmas Cute Animalple. We just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has been checking out TheLeftHandSide, listening to our podcasts, sending us fantastic music and just showing any interest in our blog.
Looking to next year, we having some very exciting guests lined up to present the podcast, loads of new music to talk about, and new moves with Dusted Industries. 2013 looks to be a good one.

So for now we wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year!


Stompin’ To The 90’s

The main man behind TheLeftHandSide, LongDistanceDan, has just finished a new party mix of purely 90’s tunes. Mixing up classic hip hop, trip hop, big beat, rave, indie, and more, it’s an eclectic, party friendly mix, great for this time of year. Dan has used tracks that people will know and love, without resorting to anything too cheesy. So sit back, relax and enjoy a trip back in time.



Stompin’ To The 90’s

Podcast Number 2 – Dec 2012

The 2nd podcast is here! Yes people, the second installment of our podcast is done and ready for your listening pleasure. This time we decided to cut back all the talk and just play the music. Picking releases from the past year, including the Chantage track, originally released in ’82 but re-issued on the Spiky Dread comp this year, not so much a “best of” more, check out some of this great music! Enjoy

TheLeftHandSide Podcast No.2 -Dec 2012


Jon Kennedy – My Life EP

Mr Jon KenneJKepdy releases his new EP, “My Life” today on his own Jon Kennedy Federation label. Consisting of 4 tracks, this EP will appeal to fans of beats, be them funky, laid back, or slightly more off-key, he’s got it all covered. It kicks off with the title track, which features Jon’s, I believe, own dulcet tones, as well as a female singer. Which makes for a nice laid back, funky little track with some what of a 90’s trip-hop meets indie feel to it, no bad thing at all!
Things get more up beat as we go on, the most dance floor friendly track being “Witch Doctor”, which is all fast drums and percussion, I can imagine this going down well at a festival with the sun shining brightly. It all makes for a really great little EP, covering all bases of Jon’s music. Download it via itunes or amazon and while you at it, check out the rest of his releases, the man has many!

Take The Stage

Take Thetake the stage Stage is an excellent publication focusing on the hip hop world, now 4 issue deep, it is one of the most artistic and professional pieces of hip hop literature I have seen in a long time. Here is what the folks behind TTS say about the project, “A quarterly book project exploring characters in and around independent hip hop. Through interviews and portrait photography, Take the Stage gives an insight into those characters who have chosen to step up into the spotlight and articulate their love of hip hop how they see it. It’s the deejays, the emcees, the promoters, the producers, the record label owners, the beatboxers and more who help make the diverse world of beats and rhymes what it is. Times change and faces may come and go. In the end, all we can take are momentary snapshots of these different people united by one music.”
Check out the first 4 editions on-line here.

Benjamin One – A Myth Tape

1165732597-1Benjamin One has dropped the excellent new album, mixtape, beat tape, I’m not what to call it exactly, but that doesn’t matter, “A Myth Tape” .
Ben has been a permanent fixture on the Bristol beat scene for some time now, and has released tracks through many different labels, including a slot on the Finest Ego compilation. Mixing up electronic styled beats, with hip hop heritage, Ben is always pushing boundaries with his music. If you are into Brainfeeder , future beats and the like, you need to check  Ben out, plus this album is completely free! Everyone’s a winner.

A Slice of Fried Gold

Dr Syntax 138404-thumband Tom Caruana have just unleashed their new album, “A Slice of Fried Gold”, mixing up funky beats, tall tales, spoken word dialogue and more, this is one UK hip hop album that doesn’t leave feeling depressed or moody. Dr Syntax’s distinct vocals always set him apart from the average uk mc,  add to that his interesting choice of song topics (not getting the girl, being average in bed, living in the mess of an all male house and so on), it makes for a truly refreshing listen.
The album is tied together with snippets of dialogue taken from Edgar Wright films and tv shows, we’re talking Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced, etc. Wright, who had personally recommended  Tom Caruana’s Wu-Tang meets Jimi Hendrix mash-up album, gave the pair free rein over any samples they wished to use. This gives the album more of a concept feel, linking tracks and themes together, plus I always like hearing a nice bit of amusing dialogue.
Caruana’s production is always on point, mixing up funky sounds with that classic hip hop feel, without sounding dated or tired, and I like the fact some tracks here have more of an electronic sound to them, a good example being the club banger, “Another Classic”. Which kind of sounds like Lil Wayne, if he could rap and grew up in the dark depths of the British country side.
There are a number of guests on the album, all who enhance the feel and story of the album. High Focus’ Leaf Dog, and Kid Acnes hype man Clev Cleverley feature on “Countryside Alliance”, elsewhere you have Enlish and ex-Pippettes vocalist, Rebecca Stephens. Stephens appears on 3 tracks, giving them a broad appeal without sounding cheesy or trying to go all pop-hop or is that hip-pop? Anyway…
Dr Syntax and Tom Caruana have made an excellent album which has the potential to engage broader audience, not just the hip hop fans, without diluting their sound or content. Now get your arse over to Tea Sea Records and grab yourself a slice of that super nice fried gold!

Punky Reggae Party

WrongTom is well-known for his love of reggae, his albums with Roots Manuva and Deemas J are proof, if any was ever needed. As well as many many other musical genres, Tom also has a great love for punk music, and for the past few years has been busy, along with cohort Ed Zed, writing the Skank Blog Bologna, uncovering the sounds where punk and reggae collide. Their hard work has now paid off with the release of the new compilation, “Spiky Dread”.
The compilation boasts well-known names such as The Slits and Bad Brains, as well as some lesser known artists and at least one track that has never seen the light of day, until now. The great thing about this compilation is its broad appeal, if you enjoy the more experimental side of late 70’s punk and new wave, or get down to spaced out dub, you will love Spiky Dread, spiky guitars and heavy bass lines. It is a great collection of music that has been to often overlooked.
Check out the teaser, and then order your copy, you will not be disappointed!

Issuez Seven – The Ox Baker EP



Looking for something different? Bored of the usual, typical hip hop coming out of the UK? Well you need to check out my man Issuez Seven. Issuez, aka Maxx Reebo, has been releasing his own brand of hardcore, experimental hip hop for a while now, as well as putting out compilations of like-minded artists from the UK and across the pond.
Now Issuez releases The Ox Baker EP for free via bandcamp, produced by long time collaborator Passive 65ive, this 5 track EP is an excellent slice of non-compromising, hard-hitting, experimental hip hop. Stop wasting time and get downloading!!!

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