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2econd Class Citizen – On Emptiness

2econd Class Citizen unleashed his brand new video today, an  alternative version of his excellent track “On Emptiness”. Edited by the man himself, the track features Kevin Mathews on piano, who accompanying Mr Citizen on his spring tour, along with Glen Porter.


Uncommon Burners 2

1251866381-1Uncommon Records have just dropped the dope new compilation, Uncommon Burners 2. Uncommon Records are quickly becoming one of the best labels out there releasing interesting, uncompromising, underground hip hop, and still releasing it in the physical form.
This new compilation features tracks by the likes of Aeon Grey, Adam Warlock, Short Fuze & NASA, and a whole load of other great artists. They have released 8 tracks from the compilation for free download via bandcamp, however we encourage you to order the full 16 track CD compilation direct from Uncommon Records, you need it in your lives!
This real underground hip hop, experimental without being pretentious, boasting some fantastic production and killer MC’s. Don’t sleep!

Podcast Number 3

Sorry things have been a bit slow on the podcast front this month, but don’t worry, things are definitely hoting up in the coming months. For the 3rd podcast we decided to simply play tracks we have been listening to of late; some new, some old, a bit of hip hop, a slice of funk, a taste of psych, tracks from the 60’s, 70’s, 90’s and 2000’s (sorry 1980’s) and even an exclusive track from our very own LongDistanceDan. We hope you enjoy what  you hear and hold tight for future pods to be cast!


Podcast Number 3 – Jan 2013

Acid Reign – Hype Kills EP


Awkward is at it again, this time teaming up with US MC’s Acid Reign for the “Hype Kills” EP on Acid Lab Records. Awkward provides the fresh, forward thinking, electronic beats while Acid Reign lets rip on the mic, along with guests Upword, Express Fresh, Myk Mansun and Lyricon. Also included on the EP is a special remix by Brooklyn based producer/record man Willie Green. All this for the total price of zero bucks (as the Americans would say), but if you wish to contribute you are more than welcome.  Make sure to check out the awesome artwork, also by Awkward.

Boca 45 & DJ Format – Golden Era Party

Boca 45 and DJ Format have posted up this quality mix of classic hip hop tracks and modern tunes that fit nicely alongside them. Each DJ plays for 15 minutes, showcasing the sounds they you’d hear at their Golden Era Parties. You can grab a download, if you are quick!

Open Sauce Recordings

The London club night Open Sauce release their first compilation today, “Open Sauce Volume 1”. Available on limited CD direct from their bandcamp page, it is a great mix of left-field, experimental hip hop, electronica, and more. Let the people who know best tell you about it –

“Open Sauce, London’s premier event for abstract, experimental electronic music founded in 2007, is proud to present the first release on our new
label, Open Sauce Recordings. Having featured at our parties the finest in underground talent including Gold Panda, Infinite Livez, Offshore, X Rabit, Elan Tamara, Raffertie, Seiji and Om Unit amongst many others, we now feel compelled to take every care possible in the selection of acts for our first label release.  The result is a group of global, electronic musicians who represent the Open Sauce Spirit: Quality, freeform music, far away from genres, labeling or attachment to region or scene.”

One artist featured on the compilation, is the labels first new signing, Techinque Noidust. To celebrate the launch of Open Sauce Recordings, Tech has produced a special DJ mix. Have a listen to it here!

“Open Sauce Volume 1” is a must have compilation for any electronic, hip hop, experimental, left-field, forward thinking (I could go on) music fan. Check out the promo mix, then go and grab the CD while you still, they won’t be around long!

Major Triadz – Capsized By Your Words

I recently received an email from the unknown to me, Major Triadz. Hobaps and Mix Masta Millz, hail from Wales and have been creating their own unique brand of hip hop for  a number of years. Mixing up their drum n bass and hip hop backgrounds, their sound isn’t easily categorised, which for me, makes it all the more entertaining. Definitely doing their own thing, Major Triadz are bringing something new and different to the UK hip hop table. Check out their track, “Capsized By Your Words” for free download, and then check out their full length album on their bandcamp page.


Buried Treasure

Buried TreasureBuriedTreasure_7_Label_FinalVisual is the brand new label set up by Diesler and Jung Collective. The first release is a split 7″ from UK funksters the Hugh Turner Quartet and label boss Diesler featuring the vocal talents of Double Yellow.
Dieslers “You’re Not Dead” is a beat driven slice of funk, given an alternative, indie twist from Double Yellows laid back vocals. This will go down a treat in the clubs, and I could even easily imagine this getting air time on 6 Music.
The flip side, “Back To School” is an instrumental journey through modern funk, jazz and soul. Perfect for warming up the dance floor or relaxing to, preferably on a nice sunny day.
Available now on 7″ and 7″ only! Yes, that’s right, vinyl only, no digital. Numbers are limited, so get while you can.
Check out a taster and then buy from bandcamp

Raw On The Floor

Here is a new mix from LongDistanceDan for the Amen Brother Podcast series. Mixing up psyched out, electronic, hip hop and beats all firmly aimed at the dance floor. Watch out for more live DJ sessions alongside the Amen Brother crew at The Castle, London in the near future. In the mean time, have some of this!

Aupheus – Strictly Scientific

UK producer Aupheus has just put out a brand new mix entitled, “Strictly Scientific”. Part mix, part production showcase, Aupheus has taken old school hip hop tracks made between 85 and 88, which feature sparse production styles and added his own layered soundscapes given them a new, fresh twist. “Strictly Scientific” continues Aupheus work with Sage Francis’ record label Strange Famous Records, where he has produced tracks for Scroobius Pip amongst others. Old school meets new school in the dark shadows, enjoy!

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