VLACHI PRO – Hard Maintenance

623525681-1First up for the new year, we have an excellent release from Vlachi Pro aka Bristolian beatsmith Awkward and LA’s Matt Gamin. “Hard Maintenance” is one of the best left-field, underground hip hop album I’ve heard in some time.
The production mixes up electronic synths with heavy weight drums, with hints of producers such as El-P, Flying Lotus and Anti-Pop Consortium but all done with Awkward’s distinct style.
I have to admit I have not heard of Matt Gamin before, but after hearing this, I need to hear more. His flow is laid back but still complex, coming off with relentless lyrics presented to you in a highly interesting and unique manner. Again, if I had to compare him with other rappers out there, I would say he reminds me a little of Pigeon John, Busdriver, Freestyle Fellowship…I think you get the picture.
9 tracks long, “Hard Maintenance” is available as a Name Your Price release now on their Bandcamp page. Check it out!


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2 thoughts on “VLACHI PRO – Hard Maintenance

  1. enjoying this a lot a great find Dan .

  2. nice one, checking now

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