Open Sauce Recordings

The London club night Open Sauce release their first compilation today, “Open Sauce Volume 1”. Available on limited CD direct from their bandcamp page, it is a great mix of left-field, experimental hip hop, electronica, and more. Let the people who know best tell you about it –

“Open Sauce, London’s premier event for abstract, experimental electronic music founded in 2007, is proud to present the first release on our new
label, Open Sauce Recordings. Having featured at our parties the finest in underground talent including Gold Panda, Infinite Livez, Offshore, X Rabit, Elan Tamara, Raffertie, Seiji and Om Unit amongst many others, we now feel compelled to take every care possible in the selection of acts for our first label release.  The result is a group of global, electronic musicians who represent the Open Sauce Spirit: Quality, freeform music, far away from genres, labeling or attachment to region or scene.”

One artist featured on the compilation, is the labels first new signing, Techinque Noidust. To celebrate the launch of Open Sauce Recordings, Tech has produced a special DJ mix. Have a listen to it here!

“Open Sauce Volume 1” is a must have compilation for any electronic, hip hop, experimental, left-field, forward thinking (I could go on) music fan. Check out the promo mix, then go and grab the CD while you still, they won’t be around long!


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