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DJ Woody – Fly Fishing

Former ITF champion and all round legendary record spinner, DJ Woody releases his brand new mix, “Fly Fishing”. Available to download for free via Chopped Herring Records, it’s a mix of classic, new classic and unreleased hip hop tracks, from Chopped Herrings catalogue; all cut up, messed with, and mixed to perfection. A must have for all hip hop, mixtape, scratch DJ and music fans.  Get your download on!!!


Visor & MC Wild Eye- The Road

Check out this dope new track by producer Visor and London Mc Wild Eye. Mixing up elements of hip hop, electronica, dubstep, grime and more, The Road is real food for thought. Taken from Visors album “Freedom Fighters” , MC Wild Eye laces the track with some excellent soulful poetry, taking you on a journey to the heart and from the heart. Big!


Out-Spoken is a monthly event held in London that feature spoken word poetry and music. Hosted by The Ruby Kid & Anthony Anaxagorou, Febs installment featured the likes of HLI, Poetcurious, Greeds, Jacob Banks and more. Check out the highlights of the night in this nice film they have made. Roll on next month!

Danny Spice – A Journey Through Breaks

We may be a bit late on this, but it’s worth blogging regardless. Check out this super nice mix of funk, soul, and library breaks by Danny Spice, still up for download on Dannys soundcloud page. While you at it, check out Mr Spice’s excellent album, “The King Amongst Thieves” released on Carry On Going Records. The album features guest appearances from Oxygen, Mr Thing, Craig G and more, the limited 12″ version has now sadly (for us) sold out, but you can still grab a digital copy from the usual retailers.

Adam & Cuth – Hold That Note

We recently featured the “From The Letters” EP by Adam & Cuth. Now the duo have dropped a nice new video for “Hold That Note” , one of the stand out tracks from the EP. Good stuff all round.

Phill Most Chill & Mr Fantastic


Phill Most Chill has teamed up with Bristolian beat maker Mr Fantastic for the brand new single, “Super Funk Inc”. This is a great slice of classic hip hop at its funkiest, it’s rare to hear hip hop like this in this day and age. This is a must for any old school head, or anyone who just loves funky beats and on point rhymes. Check out the sound clips HERE and pre-order the 12″ HERE.

Talking of Mr Fantastic, if you are in the London area make sure you come down to Amen Brother on March 1st at the Castle, East London. DJ’s Mr Fantastic, LongDistanceDan and Pete Cadden playing the best in funk, psych, soul and hip hop. I’m sure Super Funk Inc will be getting a spin!

Ralph Rip Shit & A.H Fly

Assofloatciated Minds are at it again, this time they bring you, “Floater” the new single from Ralph Rip Shit and producer A.H.Fly. Ralph, as always, brings the raw, cryptic lyrics in his own distinct & brutal style. A.H Fly is known to some as the producer of UK hip hop legends Universal Soldiers, this is the first offering from the pairs new collaboration going by the name, “Fly Shit”. Grab it for free NOW!

Express Fresh – Highway of Skulls

ExpreOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAss Fresh releases the new single “Highway of Skulls” on Acid Lab Records, with some help from 2Mex, Existereo & Max Carnage. Another must have single for fans of left-field, off-key, non-conformist hip hop, and its down to you to name the price, via bandcamp.
I know it may seem a bit lazy, but I found it very interesting what Express fresh himself had to say about the single –

“Highway of Skulls –
The song and or buddy ballad called Highway of Skulls has a reminiscent serenity like Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers while borrowing an apocalyptic, Return to Thunderdome meets spaghetti western feel. This song relays a staggering fray of cinematic vibrance praising descriptive overtones of a cult classic. Each verse has worded collaborative minions that capture moods boasting motives holding conventions. The chorus is a summer desert afternoon brothel dialogue shadowed by Hunter Thompson charisma and the sincerity of Joy Division.
Solder –
This a rebellious allegiance carefully coerced Anti Governmental establishment facade anthem. The zombie comparison is absolute and relevant to the changes of the human condition and the issues that gnaw at us constantly as they hide in the dark corner we are afraid to look into.”

Now go get it!!! FRESH

Mosch – Metamorphosis As A Metaphor

Aumosch_webcover_metamorphosis_as_a_metaphor_webstrian producer Mosch releases his debut album “Metamorphosis As A Metaphor” on the Duzz Down San label, the label that he in fact runs. Although new to me, Duzz Down San are known for putting out forward thinking hip hop, “Metamorphosis As A Metaphor” continues to stretch their remit wider.
This is an album that lands somewhere between IDM, electronica, ambient, hip hop, it fits different genre and different moods, which is a large part of its appeal. There are electronic, beat driven tracks, delicate ambient soundscapes, and tracks that are somewhere in between. One comment element to the album is its heavy use of electronic, almost ping-pongish percussion. There is so much going on in each track, even at its most ambient it still holds your attention. Also there is a real warmth to the overall sound, even with its stark, robotic mainframe, there is always the warmth of a bass line or guitar or something, in there so it all feels a little less dystopian.
There is a limited vinyl release available from the Duzz Down San website or you can get a name your price digital copy via bandcamp. This is definitely one for the Brainfeeder, future beats fans out there. Don’t miss out!

SoundSci – The Ultimate New Video

Check out the excellent new video from SoundSci, for their track “The Ultimate” taken from the EP of the same name.

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