Adam & Cuth – The Letters EP

I recently discadam cuthovered “The Letters” EP by UK hip hoppers Adam & Cuth. Having not heard of them before I discovered Adam, better known as Adam the Rapper, is well-known on the battle rap scene, check him out on the Don’t Flop youtube channel. Not being the biggest battle rap fan in the world, I was pleasantly surprised by “The Letters” EP. Adams style is a cross between street urchin, Task Force-esque, uk street poet and chilled out hippie, vagabond, folk musician. One of the main things I like about Adams style is, it’s his own style and completely unapologetic about it. He is not afraid to talk about issues that go against the grain of your typical UK hip hopper. You can tell the boy loves poetry and he’s not afraid to use it, in an intelligent and fun manner.
Cuth takes care of the production, mixing up soulful rhythms firmly founded in the golden era of hip hop, yet still looking to the future. Funk, soul, hints of electronica, it’s all in there for your listening pleasure.
The EP is available now for Name Your Price download on their bandcamp page, but for a mere £6 you can own your own physical copy on CD.


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