Express Fresh – Highway of Skulls

ExpreOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAss Fresh releases the new single “Highway of Skulls” on Acid Lab Records, with some help from 2Mex, Existereo & Max Carnage. Another must have single for fans of left-field, off-key, non-conformist hip hop, and its down to you to name the price, via bandcamp.
I know it may seem a bit lazy, but I found it very interesting what Express fresh himself had to say about the single –

“Highway of Skulls –
The song and or buddy ballad called Highway of Skulls has a reminiscent serenity like Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers while borrowing an apocalyptic, Return to Thunderdome meets spaghetti western feel. This song relays a staggering fray of cinematic vibrance praising descriptive overtones of a cult classic. Each verse has worded collaborative minions that capture moods boasting motives holding conventions. The chorus is a summer desert afternoon brothel dialogue shadowed by Hunter Thompson charisma and the sincerity of Joy Division.
Solder –
This a rebellious allegiance carefully coerced Anti Governmental establishment facade anthem. The zombie comparison is absolute and relevant to the changes of the human condition and the issues that gnaw at us constantly as they hide in the dark corner we are afraid to look into.”

Now go get it!!! FRESH


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