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Moving with the Tymez

movingtimeFriend of the LeftSide, Issuez has put together yet another monster compilation. “Moving With The Tymez”, is 44 tracks of pure, no messing around underground hip hop. Been wondering where hip hop went? Well it’s all right here. Experimental, uncompromising, the comp features artists such as Duke01, Whichcraft, Shadowless, NASA, Humble Pious, Passive65ive, Man One, Izzuez himself, the list goes on and on and on. Even our very own LongDistanceDan makes an appearance.
All up now as a Name Your Price release on bandcamp, there’s a lot to get through, but its well worth it.
Big shout out to Issuez! Make sure you check his solo album.

Aspects “The Left Hand Path” launch party

aspects-left-hand-path-660Aspects have just announced the London launch party for their imminent new album, “The Left Hand Path”.
The Bristol b-boys headline the show at The Shacklewell Arms, London, E8 2EB, on April 6th.
With support coming from Strange U, Kelpe, Evil Ed and Virgil Howe, it’s going to be off the toilet chain (or something to that effect…its gonna be DAMN GOOD!).
While you wait to seem them rock it live you can pre-order the album on limited LP direct from Suspect Packages now!

Podcast No.5 – Chips For The Poor

CFTP podcast picThe Left Hand Sides 5th podcast is here! We are happy to welcome our very special guests Chips For The Poor.
Scott and Michael (Chips for the Poor) got fresh on the double H-ill and come up with a cookie crumbling mix for yur ear (w.w.w)holes.
In contrast to the previous guest podcast, this is a blend of punk, off-beat rock, psychedelic rock, spacey prog, alternative rock, hip hop and more. A real  interesting and eclectic mix, just what we like to hear at TLHS.
Make sure you check out Chips For The Poor and the rest of the Invisible Spies clan.

The Adventures Of Mr Rumage And The Fader Fanatics

rumageCheck out this brand new 3 track EP from DJ Rumage, one-third of Bristol hip hop veterans the Numskullz. Featuring the vocal talents of Canadian female MC Nilla, RaSoul, UK MC Coherent and Bristol legend El-Eye from Aspects.
This is a fresh treat of funky, mellow, classic boom bap hip hop, all heavy kick drums and snapping snares. The instrumental, “I Gottcha”, brings an atmospheric, dark sound to the EP, giving Rumage’s production skills the space to stand alone and truly shine.
Available now from bandcamp or  limited 12″ single on Ruztik Records. While you are at it, check out the other release Ruztik, some quality stuff there, a lot for free!

Cooler Than Cucumbers Records

cucumbersFrench record label, Cooler Than Cucumbers Records are getting set to release a brand new compilation on April 15th. In honor of the new comp, they have their first compilation, “Salade de Concombres Vol. 1” up for free download.
It features 34 tracks by artist from all over the globe, including Melodica Deathship, Cheschi, 2econd Class Citizen, Mike Gamin and a whole load more. Specialising in off beat, genre bending, thought-provoking hip hop of all types, this is a quality compilation, so get your download on and get ready for the next installment!

DJ Scientist – Solid Soviet Steel Radio

Solid Soviet Steel Radio (SSSR) is a special guest mix for Solid Steel by Equinox Records founder, DJ Scientist that solely features music from the former Soviet Union. The dedicated record collector, disc jockey and label owner from Berlin managed to unearth and put together an extensive and fascinating selection of tracks from countries like the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Russia and more, resulting in one of the most exciting and unique music adventures you may have heard in a while.
More than that, to make it even more special, this first lesson in a series of other Soviet mixes by DJ Scientist is dedicated to tracks by so-called VIA bands. VIA is an abreviation for Vocal Instrumentalis Ansamblis or Vocal Instrumental Ensemble which was basically the synonym for pop groups in the Soviet communist states throughout the 70s. Many of these groups managed to create their own kind of sound, mixing western styles like Jazz, Funk and Rock with traditional music from their own countries. For example, very unique vocal harmonies can be heard in VIAs such as Iverya (Georgia) or Gaya (Azerbaijan).
The mix starts with a deep and slow psych part, coming up with more funk-laden Soviet grooves and killer instrumental breaks. With some editing and dj-skills applied, the mix becomes a must listen for rare groove aficionados and music lovers alike. Essential listening guaranteed.

Apologies for just using the press release, but it says everything needed and I couldn’t really add to it, other than, this is a fantastic mix, get it now!!!

Chemo Presents : My Mate Does Beats Vol.2

Super producer Chemo has curated the second in the series of “My Mate Does Beats”, putting together instrumental tracks, dusty beats, downbeat rawness suitable, as he puts it, “for both a sombre village fete AND a jaunty docu-soap set in the age of steel.”
Some great stuff here all by Chemo’s “mates wot do beats”, available now via itunes or in a strictly limited CD & T-shirt package. The tee features the fantastic cover artwork, well worth grabbing, but be quick only 50 available! Volume 1 is also still available HERE.

James Pants Beats Archive

james pStones Throw have kindly put up the second installment of James Pants Beats Archive, “Sludge : James Pants Sorrows Pt.II” for free download. Taking unreleased tracks and beats created between 2006 and 2010, they were originally made for rappers to get up on, but it never happened. No bad thing! You can download the compilation directly from the Stones Throw website, where you can also find the first installment, “JP Failed Rap Beats : 2004-2008”.

Mr Chop Free Sampler

mrchopFor those of you out there who have yet to check out Mr Chops unique take on raw, psychedelic, funky beats, now is your chance!
The man himself has put up a name your price sampler on bandcamp, featuring a selection of tracks from his past releases. This is the perfect introduction to the Chop sound, so if you are a fan of heavy, raw drums and beats, get this now…NOW!!!!
All we want to know now is, when’s the new album out?

Prolyphic & Buddy Peace

Yes thats right, U.S rapper and Strange Famous artists, Prolyphic is back with a new album enitrley produced by our favourite, now beard-less, beat junkie, Buddy Peace!
The album, “Working Man” is released on April 30th through SFR, but for the time being the pair have kindly put up a taster of what’s to come in the form of free download, “Business As Usual”. Judging by this, we can’t wait to hear the full length!

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