Strange U EP

Way way baStrange-U1ck in the day, well late last year, we featured the excellent yet elusive Strange U and the video for his “Scarlet Jungle” track. Now, after a few months waiting, the Strange U EP is here! Released on 12″ only, digital coming soon, via Eglo Records, it mixes up rugged spaced out production from Dr Zygote and Cross Bone T, with Strange U’s, aka Kashmere, off kilter flow and style. Kashmere is one of our favourite MC’s out there at the minute, not afraid to tread where others don’t dare, all with his own unique style and flair (like what I did there? no? ok). This is a classic slice of left-field hip hop, I often find when UK MC’s try to do left-field, experimental hip hop, it can fall flat, I’m not sure if it’s the accent or the delivery or what? But This is EP stands heads above the majority of hip hop from this side of the pond at the present time. I just hope it gets the attention it deserves. Fans of Dr Octagon, Anti-Pop, El-P etc etc, really need to check Strange U out. Comic book, sci-fi futurism at its best. Please say there’s an album in the pipe line!



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