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Salade de Concombres Vol. 2

coolercucumbersLast month we featured Cooler Than Cucumbers Records, “Salade de Concombres Vol.1” in anticipation of volume 2. Well what do you know,  “Salade de Concombres Vol. 2” is now with us and again, all for free!
This time round the compilation has been created around one main theme, the album cover art work.
The rules were simple
– The submitted song should imperatively bear a link with the aforementioned artwork by Albane / DyN (in atmosphere, mood, lyrics, etc)
– Anybody could participate (with as many songs as they wanted)

An intringuing concept that has created a truly interested body of work from many different recording artists. Ranging from off beat, underground hip hop, weirded out electronica to modern psychedelic beats. Highly experimental, highly entertaining, a great concept and a great compilation. Cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce, as the late MCA once said.

John Pain – Darkness Floats

johnpainJohn Pain has released his debut album, “Darkness Floats” as a limited CD and digital release. Knowing John from his dj mixes under the name DJ Pain, I thought I knew what to expect but it turns out I was wrong…well not completely wrong.
I expected dark, heavy sounds, crunching beats, and an overall brooding atmosphere, which I got, however I did not expect it to be played out on live instruments.
All the tracks are written by Pain himself but he has enlisted John Wagner of The Skyrider Band to play drums and Erik Nava of Egadz and Satellites on the guitar and keys, and I have to say the finished sound is immense.
It’s hip hop, it’s psych, stoner rock, doom rock, experimental, raw beats, the list goes on.
But rather me go on trying to evoke the albums sound in type, just go get yourself a copy and find out for yourself, its well worth it. Do it quick and you can bag yourself the strictly limited CD version with its super tasty artwork. Do it!

Dor – House Keeping

dorDor are an electronic duo from the US, consisting of John Rutherford and Jacob Worden. They are first and foremost a live band, playing bass and drums, but add a mix of electronic, glitchy, ambient soundscapes to create a highly interesting sound.
“House Keeping” is the bands latest release available now from their bandcamp page. The album has a nice lo-fi feel to it, they are a band using electronics, avoiding a purely synthetic sound, giving tracks a dirty, gritty feel while still full of emotion.
To give some kind of reference point, they in ways remind me of Holy Fuck, Battles, you can hear krautrock influence, and of course a big electronica influence. Worth checking out, without a doubt.

Telemachus – In The Evening Trailer

Check out the new trailer for the forthcoming Telemachus album, “In The Evening”. Sounds like its going to be an awesome long player, the track featured is super nice, great images too! Pre-order the album HERE

Podcast No.6 – Pete Sasqwax

sasqwaxFor our 6th podcast we are happy to welcome producer Pete Sasqwax. Recently releasing his new EP, “Sleepers EP1”, Pete has put together a tasty mix of dark, heavy beats, underground hip hop and more. We will let the man himself tell you about it –

“I’ve not done a mix like this in ages and I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed doing them. In the days of Rhythm Incursions, I did countless of them and this is very much in that style. It’s a load of tracks I wanted to hear mixed together, basically. Many of the tracks are by artists with whom I feel a connection to, on some level; some, I’m pleased and honoured to call friends. Most of the tracks have been out a while, some are newer than others and some probably flew under the radar of most people. I always liked having the opportunity to highlight those tracks a little on RI and I hope that more people might pick up on them and give them the attention they deserve”


Podcast No.6 – Pete Sasqwax

Sir Psych – Hello Echo

Sir Psych, helloechoone half of psychedelic rock band The Smoking Trees, has just released a new solo album entitled “Hello Echo”. As Sir Psych says himself, “the album is recorded in raw form and is my ode to the art of experimenting with echo and reverb.”
It is a must for any psych fans, its authentic without sounding dated, mellow, dirty, raw, and the best part is it’s all yours for free!
Grab your download and make sure to check out The Smoking Trees releases too.

WrongTom Meets Deemas J – Superteng Video

Check out the new video for WrongTom Meets Deemas J’s latest single “Superteng”. This is a true dancehall banger taken from the album “In East London”. Check out WrongToms mum making moves in the video too!

Cryptochrome – Piracy

Cryptochrome is the new project from Anik of Dark Circle, “Piracy” is a new track specially recorded regarding the forthcoming election in Iceland. Check out the pirate party theme behind the track here and then download the track.
Be sure to watch out for Cryptochromes debut album coming soon, believe me it is real next level business!

The Ruby Kid – Benny & The Crow

The Ruby Kid releases a brand new remix EP today, “Benny & The Crow”. The track, originally taken from his “Strange, Lively, & Commonplace” release, it features remixes by Elai Immortal of H.L.I, Dan Angell & Noah.Constrictor, and Diss1.
The Ruby Kid is coming through as one of the most impressive and interesting artists to mix poetry and hip hop. Thought provoking without being pretentious, the perfect balance between artist intelligence and hip hop street smarts. This free download release anticipates The Ruby Kids new material coming soon on Spinning Compass Records.
Check out the video then download the EP, we all need some quality music in our lives.



The Grits – Psycho

Brighton funksters The Grits are celebrating the imminent release of their new 7″ single on Hamhock Records by giving away for free their excellent cover version of The Sonics track “Psycho”. Psyched out, heavy funk, just the way we like it. Keep your eyes peeled for the new single, we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s out.

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