Podcast No.6 – Pete Sasqwax

sasqwaxFor our 6th podcast we are happy to welcome producer Pete Sasqwax. Recently releasing his new EP, “Sleepers EP1”, Pete has put together a tasty mix of dark, heavy beats, underground hip hop and more. We will let the man himself tell you about it –

“I’ve not done a mix like this in ages and I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed doing them. In the days of Rhythm Incursions, I did countless of them and this is very much in that style. It’s a load of tracks I wanted to hear mixed together, basically. Many of the tracks are by artists with whom I feel a connection to, on some level; some, I’m pleased and honoured to call friends. Most of the tracks have been out a while, some are newer than others and some probably flew under the radar of most people. I always liked having the opportunity to highlight those tracks a little on RI and I hope that more people might pick up on them and give them the attention they deserve”


Podcast No.6 – Pete Sasqwax


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