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Blunted Beats Vol.2

blunted_beats_volume_two_frontBlunted Astronaut Records come through the second installment of their “Blunted Beats” series. This time Odd Goons are in control, serving up 6 slices of straight up, blunted out, boom bap hip hop.
As the Astronauts put it –
“‘Blunted Beats’ international series – a set of short recordings being released with the aim of helping to shine light on some of the most talented, up-and-coming Hip Hop producers from across Europe.
In this volume, we present to you Odd Goons from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.”
The EP is filled with pure quality, laid back, heavy hitting beats, guaranteed to make your head nod and keep nodding.

The release is strictly limited to 300 copies, so place you pre-order HERE

Egadz – Satellites

egadz“Satellites” is the latest album from Egadz aka Erik Nava, an electronic musician hailing from Southern California.
Nava has been creating hip hop in different forms for many years now, however back in 2001 he decided to move away from loops and samples and start to experiment with electronic composition. Now he is creating his own heavy weight beats, with plenty of squelchy bass lines and synths, experimenting but still bumping.
Taking influence from dubstep, IDM, the LA beats scene and more, “Satellites” is an album of music that you can intently listen too but at the same time makes you move.
There are many different layers to the music here and nice variation throughout the album. You will definitely find yourself going back for many listens just to catch the parts you missed before.
Out now on CD and limited USB drive you need to check this out.

Amores Vigilantes – Urayasu Girl ft Lyrics Born

lyricsI have to be honest here, I had not heard of Amores Vigilantes until this single hit my inbox.
The fact that “Urayasu Girl” features Lyrics Born and has been described as “Jay Z rapping with the Zombies”, really caught my interest.
Amores Vigilantes are a West Coast band, who have been compared to the likes of The Stone Roses, Mazzy Star, Fleet Foxes, Lou Reed and the Jesus & Mary Chain. The original version of “Urayasu Girl” featured on their 2009 album, “West Coat Kingdom”.
Now they have teamed up with West Coast hip hop legend Lyrics Born to create a truly unique sound. The best way I can describe it would be shoegazer soul, but not sure that really does it justice, the band themselves like to call it “Cherry blossom soul”.
Released on August 27th via Three Ring Records, the single features a “dancey” remix by DJ Squelchy, the more introspective West Coast Kingdom Mix, and the track “Six Weeks, Three Days, Two Hours (…and Thirty-Four Seconds)”.
This is a really unique track that I am really liking right now, plus it sounded great in the sunshine whilst I was on my honeymoon too.

The Bluntskins

The Bluntskins arblunte UK hip hop crew coming straight out of Manchester. As their name suggests they are interested in all things herbal and smokey.
Now this is nothing new in the world of hip hop, especially the UK scene, but these guys do it well and have created their own style and sound. They aren’t coming with something left field or experimental, this is straight up hip hop,but they don’t sound exactly the same as every other UK hip hop group out there, which is a good thing.
On their new album production is handled by group member Pro P, apart from “Smoke That Piff” where UK producer of the minute Pete Cannon does his thing and does it well. Bill Sykes and Cheech handle the mic duties and bring along a number of guests for the journey.
Grab it now for your hit of herbal boom bap.

V/A – The Microphone Monologuez

micHere is a brand new compilation of heavy weight hip hop direct from the murky underground.
Put together by Issuez Seven, it features 25 tracks by the likes of Tame One, Whichcraft, Uncommon Nasa and our very own LongDistanceDan.

I’m not going to talk too much on this, as you just need to go and discover its full goodness yourself, which is made all the easier as its free to download.


Mark Professor – Oystah Card

rongo“Oystah Card” is the first release on the new Rongorock label. The 7″ sinlge is produced by label owner WrongTom, with the vocals supplied by Mark Professor from the Wreck-It Up Crew.
The pairing work perfectly together, creating infectious party tune singing the praises of London’s favourite method of transport payment. The chorus is just so catchy, it gets stuck in your head and you will be humming it every time you swipe in and out or your destination.

The single is already gaining attention from the likes of Rob Da Bank and reggae royalty David Rodigan. Check out the snippet below from Rodigans show, then rush out to shops to buy your copy on August 26th.

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