Amores Vigilantes – Urayasu Girl ft Lyrics Born

lyricsI have to be honest here, I had not heard of Amores Vigilantes until this single hit my inbox.
The fact that “Urayasu Girl” features Lyrics Born and has been described as “Jay Z rapping with the Zombies”, really caught my interest.
Amores Vigilantes are a West Coast band, who have been compared to the likes of The Stone Roses, Mazzy Star, Fleet Foxes, Lou Reed and the Jesus & Mary Chain. The original version of “Urayasu Girl” featured on their 2009 album, “West Coat Kingdom”.
Now they have teamed up with West Coast hip hop legend Lyrics Born to create a truly unique sound. The best way I can describe it would be shoegazer soul, but not sure that really does it justice, the band themselves like to call it “Cherry blossom soul”.
Released on August 27th via Three Ring Records, the single features a “dancey” remix by DJ Squelchy, the more introspective West Coast Kingdom Mix, and the track “Six Weeks, Three Days, Two Hours (…and Thirty-Four Seconds)”.
This is a really unique track that I am really liking right now, plus it sounded great in the sunshine whilst I was on my honeymoon too.


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