Chalk – One For Being Me

chalkMC/Producer Chalk, is part of the Mancunian hip hop collective The Natural Curriculum.
Having 4 highly regarded releases under their belts, “One For Being Me” is the 5th and latest album from the collective.
Vocally Chalk is a refreshing MC, telling heartfelt stories on his own terms and in his own style. After seeing the excellent video for the single, “If You Must”, I was expecting the album to be a happy-go-lucky kind of affair. So I was impressed by depth and breadth of Chalks lyrics, dealing with death, love, life, the whole deal. This helps set the Manchester MC apart from your typical UK rapper and give the album real diversity.
Musically, all bar 3 tracks produced by Chalk,  the album is pack full of solid boom bap funkiness. You can tell Chalk and the crew are real funk lovers and know how to utilise a good sample. It ranges from up beat party styles, to darker more introspective sounds.
Released on 12″, CD and digital from Sept 20th go grab yourself a copy, and check out the rest of the TNC releases while you’re at it. Boom!


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