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Aspects – Left Hand Path Re-Animations

aspectsFitting for today (Halloween), Aspects kick off their Re-Animations remixes series with the Printers Devil remix of “Dead Frequency”.
The Printers Devil has taken the track into bone chilling, Romero influenced synth lead territory. It’s straight up horror filth, and all yours for free download.
Each friday for the next 6 weeks, new re-animations of tracks taken from the recent “Left Hand Path” album will be released. Featuring drum heavy re-fixes from the “left-field of electronic music”.
Gruesomely thrilling!

Cut Chemist – Work My Mind

Cut Chemist has been busy this month, no complaints from us! He has just unveiled the video for his new track, “Work My Mind” featuring Chali 2na and Hymnal. The track is real party rocker, old school meets new school and gets everybody dancing. It’s good to hear Chali 2na working with Cut again and Hymnal provides the perfect chorus.
Better still, you can get the track for FREE (yes FREE!) download from Cut Chemists bandcamp page.
“Work My Mind” is the first single from a forthcoming EP which features collabs with Edan, Mr Lif, Mumbles and Gone Beyond. Damn! Can’t wait for that to drop. In the mean time, check out the new video.

Issuez 7 & Voider One – UnZombliFied

issuezIssuez 7 returns with a new EP, “UnZombiFied”, alongside US producer Voider One.  The EP address’ “the zombie epidemic that has spread throughout the earth within the last decade or so.” Perfect for the 31st of October!
Issuez is uncompromising as ever, hard-hitting flows and relentless rhymes, this is grimey, real underground hip hop.
Production wise, Voider One comes with a dark, murky sound, elements of electronics can be heard, as well as a real cinematic feel, of the horror kind of course.
“UnZomified” features guest spots from Citizen Kane, Pruven, Elias-Omar and Issuez Hinderance partner Passive65ive.
This EP is perfect for anyone who wants to hear something different, something dark and doom filled yet entertaining. Grab it now!

2econd Class Citizen – Here Comes The Sun

Check out this tasty slice of psychedelic hip hop courtesy of 2econd Class Citizen. “Here Comes The Sun” is just a little track he’s been working on, sadly it won’t be getting a full release, due to sample clearance and all that, but you can download it now.
Make sure to Like his facebook page as Mr Citizen is currently working on his new album and will be posting up more cheeky free tracks and so on.

Cut Chemist presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific231

cc“Funk Off” is a brand new compilation of French minimal synth bands, Vox Populi! and Pacific231’s material. Lovely put together by Cut Chemist, this is the first time this highly influential music has been available in digital format.
The album is available now from iTunes, but if you buy direct from Cut Chemists bandcamp page, you will receive a 30 minute mix from the man himself for free!

This is highly interesting, experimental, forward thinking music from the past and it’s great to see people like cut Chemist giving it a new lease of life. A must for fans of synth, funk, experimental, kraut, electronics…the list goes on!

Riddim Fruit – Cloud Watching Vol 3

cloudDevon based label Riddim Fruit Records, release the third installment of their, “Cloud Watching” series.
“Cloud Watching” is music to kick back, relax, “gaze into the skies and feel the vibes”.
The tracks vary from the classic “trip hop” sound, electronica, laid back dub and more. All artists featured are part of the Riddim Fruit crew, Flywalker, Cut La Vis, Basement Freaks, to name but a few.
There’s something for all listeners hear, as long as you like to chill.
Check it out now and grab the name your price download via the Riddim Fruit Records bandcamp site.

Keep watching the skies!

Jeremiah Jae – Dirty Collections Vol. 1-3

JJJeremiah Jae releases a collection of three 7″ singles, “Dirty Collections Vol.1-3” on Warp Records, volume 1 is set to drop on November 11th.
Strictly limited to 500 copies each, the singles feature artwork by Jae himself and will be released over the next few months.
You can pre-order your copy of Volume 1 from Bleep now, and download the first track from the EP, “Fun” for free via the Warp Website.
Volumes 2 and 3 will feature collaborations with fellow Black Jungle Squad crew Isreal, E Snow, Tre and Oliver the 2nd.
Pure futuristic dopeness, don’t sleep!

Johnny North – Cartoon Beats

cartoonBrighton based producer, Johnny North is set to release his new album, “Cartoon Beats” on Collective Resonance records.
As the title of the album may suggest, North is paying tribute to some of his childhood favourite animated shows. Each track samples the theme tune of the cartoon, these include Sharky & George, Dexter’s Lab, Trap Door (a personal favourite) and more. Mixing cartoon sample sources with modern electronic, glitchy, head nodding beats, it all makes for a truly unique album.

Released on November 4th, you can pre-order the album now via Collective Resonance’s bandcamp page.

Six Ton Armor Psychcast 41 – RSI

RSISix Ton Armor have unleashed the latest in their excellent psychcast mixes, number 41 to be exact and this time they have enlisted the DJ skills of Richard S Isabella aka RSI from DirtyDrums.
The track list includes artists such as Broadcast, Heliocentrics, Egg, and some of RSI’s own work, so expect the best in psychedelic, drum heavy madness.

Download the psychcast directly from Six Ton Armor and if you have not heard any of the previous psychcasts, make sure to check them out too!
Six Ton Armor never fail to impress.

Moniker Eggplant – Recipes for Reconstruction

To celebrate their first year in existence, Berlin based record label Moniker Eggplant has released an excellent new compilation, “Recipes For Reconstruction”.
The compilation consists of 16 brand new remixes of the labels past releases, including remixes by Shins-K, MimiCof, Graph and more. Expect experimental electronica, ambient sounds, glitchy beats and more.
“Recipes for Reconstruction” is released on digital format or limited edition, handcrafted CDR, both available from the labels bandcamp page.

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