MADlean – Batteries Not Included

madOK so we are a bit late on this one, but like they say, better late than never.
MADlean is a rapper from south London, who has a refreshing flow and sound. What drew me to this album was, even though Mr Lean is straight out of SE London, he doesn’t sound like your average, typical, over the top aggy UK rapper. Although the topics covered may be well-known to the UK hip hop community, mainly drugs (what do you expect from someone called mad lean?), he delivers all vocals in a positive and fresh style.
Music wise, it’s straight up boom bap beats all the way, all the better for it too! All beats are produced by Klemenza.
You can grab the digital version for FREE but any donations welcome, but you can also get a CD copy, with the super nice artwork for a meer £2! Can’t argue with that.


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