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Doctor Zygote – Zoot Dubs 1

drzStrange U producer Dr Z, caught a bug for dubbing techniques working on his Black Acre album “Grupo Zygote”. He then started messing around with beats he’d made, creating dub versions of them.
The limited 7″ contains two tracks, “Smack Dub”, a full on hard-hitting slab of driven synths and heavy as hell drums (our favourite of the two), and “DXM Dub”, here Dr Z gets a bit more futuristic, less hitting you over the head and more taking you to another place and time.
Dope stuff as ever, grab the limited 7″ on Zoot Records now or the digital version. We are hoping that this is just the first in a series of  Zoot Dubs releases.

Son Of Bricklayer & Madslo – Abyssal Plains

brick;ayerDannish producer, Son Of Bricklayer, has teamed up with Canadian beat lover Madslo to create the “Abyssal Plains” single. If you love drums, hard and heavy drums, then this is definitely for you. Mixed up with some vintage synths and samples, this release is nuts. The music consists of four parts merged into two tracks, opening parts on both jams by Son Of A Bricklayer, closing parts by Madslo.
Released on limited edition 7″ single via Luana Records, you need to grab this while you can.Vinly only, no digital release.

James Reindeer – ستة ستة سبعة – Six Six Seven

The first official full-length, self-produced solo release from James Reindeer. entitled ‘six six seven’, is a darkly-psychedelic journey into distant lands across almost forty minutes of arabian-influenced free-jazz doom-rap.
Sound good? Too right. Released on very limited edition cassette (sadly now sold out) and digitally, the album is a must for any fan off left-field hip hop, folk, experimental music in general, you get the idea. Check out the videos below, and then grab the album.

Three Laws – The Only Way

Check out the excellent debut track from Three Laws, “The Only Way”. Three Laws are singer Louise Gold, who has previously fronted and provided vocals for a range of indie and hip-hop acts, and producer Adam Relf , who has previously released tracks on various independent labels.
“The Only Way” is a haunting, yet beautiful piece of piano lead music mixed with subtle slices of electronica, all sewn together perfectly with Louise’s vocal performance.One to watch for sure!

Atmosphere – Color In The Snow

Check out the brand new Atmosphere track featuring fellow rhymesayers,  Dem Atlas, Joe Horton and Toki Wright. The track is to celebrate the forthingcoming US, “Welcome To Minnesota Tour”.
Sounding fresh as ever, the track is on soundcloud now for free download.

Podcast No.9 Xmas 2013 special

christmasFinally we are back with a new podcast. This new installment is a mix from LongDistanceDan featuring some of our favourite tunes from this year. We don’t like to think of it as a best of, more, a nice mix of tunes we’ve been digging in 2013.
All artist featured in the mix have appeared on TheLeftHandSide blog in the past year, so please take some time to check them out.
Merry christmas!

Podcast No.9 Xmas 2013


Belle – Lapwing (Telemachus Remix)

Being big fans of pretty everything Telemachus releases, we are always eager to hear new material and his latest remix of Belle’s “Lapwing” doesn’t dissapoint.
Bring his laid back sound to the track, snappy drums, woozy sound scapes and there is definitely a dub feel to the track too. This remix is taken from the compilation album, “WotNot Advent Calendar 2013: in aid of ShelterBox” released on the WatNot label to raise money for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Great music for a good cause.

Nostalgia 77 – An Angel With No Halo

Check out the latest video from Nostalgia 77 for the track, “An Angel With No Halo”. Out now on Tru-Thoughts, “An Angel With No Halo” is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album, “A Journey Too Far”.
Nostalgia 77 create a warm mix of jazz, psychedelia, folk and down tempo, low slung funk, along with the vocal talents of German singer, Josa Peit, the single is a “stirring slice of psychedelic pop noir”. The single also includes a fantastic dub version, courtesy of Prince Fatty (Hollie Cook/Mr Bongo). Well worth seeking out, and we look forward to hearing the forthcoming album. Perfect for these dark winter days.

Buddy Peace – I’m OK YR OK

buddyMaster of the beats, Mr Buddy Peace is back. This time Buddy has laced us with a new, super tasty 35 minute mix.
This is half an hour of re-edits, remixes, blends and heavy heavy drums – as you would expect. Any new product from Buddy Peace is always welcome round these parts, and this is no exception. It’s up now for free download, the perfect christmas gift for any fan of Peace.

Boomruin/BMRN – My Drums Cover A Multitude of Sins

boomCheck out the new sampler from Boomruin/BMRN forthcoming, “My Drums Cover A Multitude of Sins” release.
Available from Dec 17th on limited edition old school cassette, this is a great selection of super heavy drums, atmospheric sounds, and a whole lot more. I don’t want to waffle on here, Boomruin is a favourite of TLHS and we urge you to check out the sampler below and grab the tape while you can via the Boomruin bandcamp page.

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