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King Rhythm – Rock Star Dementia

kingWe recently featured King Rhythm’s hip hop tribute to David Bowie, “Bowie In Space”. Now you can get his latest full length album, “Rock Star Dementia” for free via bandcamp.
The album continues in the same vein as “Bowie In Space”, mixing up left-field hip hop with classic alternative rock influences. This mix of influences has created a truly unique sound, it’s like a punk rock, hip hop, new wave, psych out fest. Sound interesting? It is.
Clocking in at a concise 28 minutes, there’s method in Rhythms madness, “Part of the concept was to work with some of my favorite classic rock artists/ songs, so I composed the tracks with samples from Syd Barrett, David Bowie, The Who, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Nico, Bob Dylan, & The Byrds.  I also have some Rock & Roll Documentary Interviews and movie samples sprinkled here and there to round it out.”
This is definitely an album for fans of experimental music, boundary pushing hip hop (think Anticon), and music that isn’t just simply the normal, same old same old. Even better it’s all yours for free. Grab it now.

SFSM – Long Live Or Die Trying

LongLiveSan Francisco Street Music, SFSM for short, are a hip hop crew straight off the streets of San Franscisco, as I’m sure you have guessed.  The group have been releasing independent hip hop since the early 90’s, building SFSM into a collective of like-minded artists.
Now in 2014 they have unleashed their new album, “Long Live Or Die Trying”. 1o tracks deep this is classic, funky as hell, head nodding hip hop. Being “old school Frisco cats” they know how to rock a party both on the mic and on the beats. The bring a nice diversity to this album, interesting topics are touched upon and the beats are varied, without straying too far from that classic sound. Definitely one for all the real hip hop heads out there.

Interview and new podcast from Awkward

awkwardIt is our pleasure to present TheLeftHandSide Podcast No.10 with special guest Awkward. The Bristolian producer/MC/DJ has supplied us with one hell of a mix, definitely one for electronic hip hop and beats fans out there. With his new album, “Metal At The Core” out now, Awkward has also taken time out to answer a few questions from TheLeftHandSide.

You have been a big part of the Bristol hip hop scene for some years now. How did you first get involved in making music and what was your inspiration back then?
I got into hiphop music at the young age of 9 in 1985, mainly via ‘The Show’ Doug E Fresh. By the age of 11/12 I was making pause tapes of the hip hop that John Peel would play on his show. I didn’t stop from there on in. Cheap 4 track,radio shack mixer. Also listening to lots of pirate radio then. Bristol crews like 3pm and Un Deux Trois really made the music closer to home. I studied hip hop and practiced all 4 elements.
What inspires you now? What was your inspiration for the new album?
Exploration inspires me now, the pursuit. The lp is about the pursuit of the driving force.
For anyone who has not heard Awkwards music before, how would you describe your sound?
Hard,psychedelic,electronic hip Hop
How did you end up being signed to LA label Machina Muerte?
I was working independently with various members before the crew formed. I went to visit friends in LA and took a more active role within the crew/collective in 2010. This is my third lp for the label.
The label has an impressive roster and some well-known affiliates. What’s it like being the only UK artists on their books and was being surrounded with such talent daunting in any way? Or did it push you harder to create your own artistic vision?
Oh it definitely made me push harder. I had my first child around that time to so time is very precious. I definitely stepped up my work ethic put it that way.
Who are some of the artists you have worked with on the album? Did the collaborations come about organically or was it a case of, Machina Muerte being well-connected and you wanting to take advantage of this?
It’s more organic really and over time,as an when and people reaching out to each other. The same with Open Mike Eagle. We’ve a fair catalogue between by now,he works as fast as I do.
As you are from Bristol, who, if anyone, in the UK hip hop and beats scene you are really rating at the minute?
A few heads scattered. I’m feeling anything that pushes boundaries and sounds natural. I’m more into individuality more so than being patriotic.
Getting to the new Podcast you have generously supplied us with. What’s the theme or feeling behind the mix?
The theme is the ‘party’ that could be applied in however the listener feels best.
Where can people catch you live, or hear you playing?
I’ll be venturing out this year (as much as 2 small children will allow) but you can catch myself, Benjamin One, Fabia and Adam On Ujima 98 fm every Tuesday 9pm Till 11. We go in on the mix tough with plenty of new music, Universal Magnetic show.
Any last words or shout outs?
Last words would be look at the sky,take in some wild life and put it down. Shout outs to GhostLocust, Machina Muerte, Hellfyre Club and Universal Magnetic posse.

Tycho – Montana

tychoFor nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias of Scott Hansen, but with the release of ‘Awake’ – his second LP for Ghostly International – the solo project has evolved into a three-piece band. Reaching an entirely new realm of sonic possibilities recording with a live band, ‘Awake‘ is situated in the present, reaching Hansen’s vision of Tycho like never before. “This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record”.
“Montana” is part indie, part electronic, with an upbeat shoe gazer sound, if there is such a thing? Vocals could easily sit on top of this music, but thankfully Tycho has let the music speak for itself. Giving you room to get wrapped up in the intricacies of sound and be taken on a refreshing musical journey. We look forward to hearing the album, out on the 17th of March.


Malachai – I Deserve To No video

We recently posted about the new, forthcoming Malachai album, “Beyond Ugly”. Well today the first track to be released from the album has emerged, “I Deserve To No” is an Asian influenced, psyched out belter of a track. Check out the video below and keep your eyes open for their third and possibly, final album.

DJ Woody & Clicktrax – Vødüm EP

This is an interesting one, back in 2008 turntablist DJ Woody got together with 808 State drummer Carl Sharrocks (aka Clicktrax) and recorded this EP. It feature collaborations with Bronx rapper Charlie Victor and session work from some of the UK’s finest players including Matthew Halsall, Finn Peters and Christian Madden of The Earlies. It’s a nice mix of left-field hip hop, electronica, jazz and more, oh and it’s all your now for free!

Short Fuze & NASA – Oddest Future

nasaNew York producer Nasa has once again teamed up with Short Fuze for the, “Oddest Future” single.The duo originally teamed up back in 2010 for the underground classic, “Lobotomy Music” , mixing up hard hitting beats and equally hard hitting and stylish rhymes. This new single, features two tracks, “Oddest Future” and “Breakdance For The Def”, as well as instrumentals and accapellas for both. “Oddest Future” really lives up to it’s name, futuristic, space aged hip hop at it’s best. Where as “Breakdance…” comes off on a more rocky, funky tip, while still pushing new and interesting ground.
This single should tide you over until the next full length album drops later this year.

White MIC – As Is

whitemicWhite MIC is a member of San Fransisco hip hop group, Bored Stiff, who have been active on the underground since the early 90’s. After a 10 year hiatus, MIC released his first solo album, “The Neighborhood Visitor” in 2011.
Since then he has released “The Vegetable and The Ferret” EP, a collaboration with One Block Radius member Z-Man. In 2012, MIC collaborated with Del & Andre Nickatina on the, “I’m Not Lonely” single and dropped another full-length solo album, “Fightin Off Success”, which featured The Grouch of Living Legends, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Casual of Hieroglyphics. In 2013 he came with the the follow-up to The Vegetable &The Ferret entitled “The Vegetable & The Alien”, a collaboration with SF MC Agent Striknine which featured MF Grimm, Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, Moka Only, Count Bass D & 0ther artsts. So to put it simple, White MIC has a hell of a lot of game on the underground!Now he is set to release his brand new album, “As Is”, the album features the likes of Pep Love, Fatlip, Scarub of Living Legends and more. The album is a great reflection on hip hop from someone who has lived the life, taken the industry blows, had the success and the knock backs. It appeals to the older heads, as well as the young ones wanting to hear more of that good old boom bap. Plus it’s nice to hear hip hop coming out these days that isn’t trying to be gangster, or talk gun talk and is proud of it too. Don’t sleep!

Bloodmoney & Morbidily-O-Beats – The Art Of Self Destruction

blood As soon as we mention one release, I Had An Accident Records are at it again. This time the cassette album comes from US rapper Bloodmoney alongside producer Morbidily-O-Beats.
“The Art Of Self Destruction” is a collection of off-key, experimental, dark hip hop, exactly what you’d expect to hear on IHAA judging from their past releases.
The album is release on both cassette and digitally on Feb 11th, but you can download the track, “Please Help Us” for free from Bloodmoneys soundcloud page now.

Marjen – Marjen

marjenMarc Jensen aka producer Marjen, has just released a tasty new, self titled album on a limited cassette.
The “Marjen” cassette is out now on I Had An Accident Records, the same people who put out the recent Boomruin tape, and a whole load of other good stuff too!
“Four drum-heavy short attention span pieces per side”, this is heavy on the synths, heavy on the beats, or as Marjen puts it;
“Pretty synths nicely capture the movement with emotional drum patterns and cinematic climaxes. Marjen’s self-titled album is a series of short works, pieces that are picked up and dropped off, the movements are fresh, and deliberate.”
Grab the limited cassette tape now, only 80 made, or grab the download via bandcamp.

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