White MIC – As Is

whitemicWhite MIC is a member of San Fransisco hip hop group, Bored Stiff, who have been active on the underground since the early 90’s. After a 10 year hiatus, MIC released his first solo album, “The Neighborhood Visitor” in 2011.
Since then he has released “The Vegetable and The Ferret” EP, a collaboration with One Block Radius member Z-Man. In 2012, MIC collaborated with Del & Andre Nickatina on the, “I’m Not Lonely” single and dropped another full-length solo album, “Fightin Off Success”, which featured The Grouch of Living Legends, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Casual of Hieroglyphics. In 2013 he came with the the follow-up to The Vegetable &The Ferret entitled “The Vegetable & The Alien”, a collaboration with SF MC Agent Striknine which featured MF Grimm, Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, Moka Only, Count Bass D & 0ther artsts. So to put it simple, White MIC has a hell of a lot of game on the underground!Now he is set to release his brand new album, “As Is”, the album features the likes of Pep Love, Fatlip, Scarub of Living Legends and more. The album is a great reflection on hip hop from someone who has lived the life, taken the industry blows, had the success and the knock backs. It appeals to the older heads, as well as the young ones wanting to hear more of that good old boom bap. Plus it’s nice to hear hip hop coming out these days that isn’t trying to be gangster, or talk gun talk and is proud of it too. Don’t sleep!


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