Interview and new podcast from Awkward

awkwardIt is our pleasure to present TheLeftHandSide Podcast No.10 with special guest Awkward. The Bristolian producer/MC/DJ has supplied us with one hell of a mix, definitely one for electronic hip hop and beats fans out there. With his new album, “Metal At The Core” out now, Awkward has also taken time out to answer a few questions from TheLeftHandSide.

You have been a big part of the Bristol hip hop scene for some years now. How did you first get involved in making music and what was your inspiration back then?
I got into hiphop music at the young age of 9 in 1985, mainly via ‘The Show’ Doug E Fresh. By the age of 11/12 I was making pause tapes of the hip hop that John Peel would play on his show. I didn’t stop from there on in. Cheap 4 track,radio shack mixer. Also listening to lots of pirate radio then. Bristol crews like 3pm and Un Deux Trois really made the music closer to home. I studied hip hop and practiced all 4 elements.
What inspires you now? What was your inspiration for the new album?
Exploration inspires me now, the pursuit. The lp is about the pursuit of the driving force.
For anyone who has not heard Awkwards music before, how would you describe your sound?
Hard,psychedelic,electronic hip Hop
How did you end up being signed to LA label Machina Muerte?
I was working independently with various members before the crew formed. I went to visit friends in LA and took a more active role within the crew/collective in 2010. This is my third lp for the label.
The label has an impressive roster and some well-known affiliates. What’s it like being the only UK artists on their books and was being surrounded with such talent daunting in any way? Or did it push you harder to create your own artistic vision?
Oh it definitely made me push harder. I had my first child around that time to so time is very precious. I definitely stepped up my work ethic put it that way.
Who are some of the artists you have worked with on the album? Did the collaborations come about organically or was it a case of, Machina Muerte being well-connected and you wanting to take advantage of this?
It’s more organic really and over time,as an when and people reaching out to each other. The same with Open Mike Eagle. We’ve a fair catalogue between by now,he works as fast as I do.
As you are from Bristol, who, if anyone, in the UK hip hop and beats scene you are really rating at the minute?
A few heads scattered. I’m feeling anything that pushes boundaries and sounds natural. I’m more into individuality more so than being patriotic.
Getting to the new Podcast you have generously supplied us with. What’s the theme or feeling behind the mix?
The theme is the ‘party’ that could be applied in however the listener feels best.
Where can people catch you live, or hear you playing?
I’ll be venturing out this year (as much as 2 small children will allow) but you can catch myself, Benjamin One, Fabia and Adam On Ujima 98 fm every Tuesday 9pm Till 11. We go in on the mix tough with plenty of new music, Universal Magnetic show.
Any last words or shout outs?
Last words would be look at the sky,take in some wild life and put it down. Shout outs to GhostLocust, Machina Muerte, Hellfyre Club and Universal Magnetic posse.


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