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The Cloaks – The Cloaks

cloaksThe Cloaks are LA MC’s Awol One and Gel Roc, both well-known solo artists in their own right, they have now come together to form The Cloaks, along with Awkward on production.
This is some electronic, futuristic, b-boy business bringing guests including Gonjasufi and Abstract Rude, along for the ride. Add the DJ skills of D-Styles and Sir Beans OBE into the mix, this is a classic release.Conceptually, the album stays within the themes of clandestine conspiracies and facetious falsehood with song titles such as, “Rule by Secrecy” & “Invisibility”. This is real food for thought music.
Available now from iTunes and from record stores on April 8th, make sure you get this album.

Benjamin One – The Shifts EP

benThe Bristol beat maker and master of the MPC, Benjamin One is back with a new EP and this time he’s gone all out!
Benjamin has cooked up a tasty 4 track EP, delving into the dark realms of jungle, dubstep, grime, electronics and more. Although “The Shifts” ep is a slight, well…shift, from the electronic hip hop we have heard in the past, but it’s a logical shift and still echo’s the left of centre electronic hip hop you would expect.
Out in April on Rebel Instinct Records, be sure to come along for the ride!

Silver Man Interview

silvermanEarlier this month we featured the excellent new album ‘Thieves & Millionaires’, by beat maker Silver Man. We liked what we heard so much we thought we’d catch up with the Silver Man for a few questions.

For those that don’t know, please introduce yourself and what you do
I am a Super Hero time-traveller from outer space.

When did first start making music? What was your inspiration?
I’ve been writing tunes since about 1996, but have played the guitar from the age of 8. I just dabble on the guitar a bit now and sing songs when drunk. My mum always played the piano, so does my brother so we are a musical family. My brother has alot of keyboards and an early computer back in the mid-late 80’s, and a BOSS drum machine and we used to sample stuff, but it was more him than me more than anything.

Have you always made trip-hop, beats style music? Or have there been any drastic changes?
I wrote a bit of that old singer songwriter fayre, but i was never too hot on the lyrics. That trip hop sound was what i was into, i used to smoke a lot of weed and played the bass alot.

You took time out from making music. What were the reasons behind this break?
I’d had enough of it. Being a solo producer is quite isolating, sitting in a dark room listening to a kick drum when its hot outside and people are in the park. I neglected lots of other things, girlfriends I was with and so on in order to do it. I decided i didn’t want to make the sacrifice anymore, and I had started the PR agency Outpost ( so i threw myself into that and quit the producing lark overnight, never to return….

Your music contains a lot of emotion, is this some you have strived for? Or does it just happen that way?
This melancholic music is the music that really gets me and i love listening to. I just created music that touched me and I wanted to listen to and all those tunes i wrote on the album do that for me. It just happens that way, its not something i specifically tried to do, it was just what was there to be written, and that’s how it came out.

There is a definite feel and emotion within your music, but do you ever try to get any concepts or ideas out to the listeners? As much as you can within instrumental music.
Song creation and structure is important. I want music to not be one-dimensional but have peaks and troughs; to create a journey of high crescendo that can drop to silence. So i tried to create the emotion and flow in the music as much as you can with one bloke in a studio instead of a band where you would normally get a more warm and fluid feel to the music.

Who, alive or dead, would you love to collaborate with? And why?
No idea – Buddha? I’d probably be up for some chanting or something or other. There’s lots of people i would love to collaborate with , but its who would be a good fit. All i wanted was to be in a band and be a singer at the beginning really. I did do that in a previous band but i was never a great vocalist. So i reckon i wish Noel had found me instead of Liam, but i don’t think there’s anyone that can really say they would be a better front man than Liam Gallagher now can they..?!

Do you have any plans to work with any other artists in the future?
The only artists I work with now are with our PR company, and our music publishing and distribution arms. My knowledge and experience of being an artist is valuable to the next generation of musicians and i now bring a commercial and business mindset to assist the creative process.

What can we expect next from Silver Man?
I’m just focusing on building our publishing and distribution companies at the moment, and signing great artists. Silver Man might do another video for one of the album tracks, that was fun to do and to have, but there’s no new tunes planned at the moment. I have been there and done it now so I don’t feel the need to do anymore. At the moment anyway.

Which cartoon, old or new, would you like to provide the music for?
God knows – little mermaid? Aladdin? It would have to be something depressing or emotional for my tunes to work with it though! 🙂

“Thieves and Millionaires” is out this month on 3 Bar Fire.

Kool A.D – Word OK

koolKool A.D from Das Racist, has just released his new album, “Word OK”. Back in December he released the mixtape, “Not OK” which featured tracks that didn’t make it onto “Word OK”…got it? OK?
Well anyway, the album features a whole list of guest spots, Talib Kweli, Boots Riley, Mr Muthafuckin Exquire to name just a few, but the album keeps the feel of being Kool’s own album, not just a list of collabs.
Musically, it’s a mix of electronic, jazzy,  at times RnB tinged, but always off-key beats. It swings from almost trap style synth hip hop, to the more bizarre, avant garde future beats sound.
“Word OK” is definite proof that hip hop is not stagnant, and there are still artists out there pushing the boundaries, taking it into the future without forgetting the past. I suggest you grab “Word OK” and “Not OK” while you’re at it, but are on band camp as name your price releases. Can’t say fairer than that.

Mo Kolours – Mo Kolours

mo coloursMo Kolours has just dropped his debut self titled album on One-Handed Music. Available now on LP from the One-Handed website or as a name your price release via bandcamp, the album does not disappoint.
“Mo Kolours” is a heady mix of soul, hip hop, electronica, jazz, afro-beat, funk and for want of a better description, world music. Mo’s singing fits perfectly over the percussive heavy beats.
At times the album is reminiscent of J Dilla, Madlib, DJ Vadim and label mate Paul White, showing what a high grade producer Mo Kolours is. Mixing slower more blissed out tracks with up beat dance rhythms, “Mo Kolours” certrainly brings mo’ colour to the world of beats.

Dark Circle – Reunion (video)

yes that right people, the mighty Dark Circle are back for 2014 with the new track and video, “Reunion”. Lyrics by Hoyx and Anik, production by Son, video by Dominic Jackson, and you can’t forget IBMCs. It’s a winning combination.

Rezult – The Unscene

resAbolano Records release the new album from Rezult, “The Unscene”.
Rezults third solo release, all tracks are composed, played, programmed, mixed and mastered by the man himself.
Featuring the stella line up of Gel Roc, Vyrus & Regret (EX2), Ovate & Toobz (Tree Dusk Muir), Neferjin, Roach The DJ & Mascaria, “The Unscene” goes from electronic, trappish (is that a word?) beats, to dusty, head nodding beats, all underpinned by a dark, gothic feel.
The chanted half sung chorus’ of certain tracks, “Eyes of the Living Dead” for example, give the album a definite tribal vibe.
All fans of left field music should check this album out, plus its free, so there’s no excuse.

Mestizo – Sad Face

sadHere is some more off-key madness from the Machina Muerte crew, this time Mestizo comes with a new track, “Sad Face”. This is a mix of woozy, psychedelic, electronics with 808 drums giving it a slight old school vibe, but this is far from old school. This is new, way out, craziness, in the best way!
Grab it now for free

Moon Gangs – I

moonMoon Gangs aka London electronic musician Will Young, is set to release his debut EP on Sexbeat Records.
“I”, the first track to be streamed from the EP, is an excellent mix of eerie synth ambience, drone, and spaced out drums. Taking influence from the likes of John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream soundtracks, plus synth driven Krautrock like Ashra Tempel and Popol Vuh. Moon Gangs is the perfect mix of modern and vintage experimental electronic music.
The forthcoming record is made up of three tracks, ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’ that were recorded over a three month period in late 2013. They were edited down from ten hours of improvised synth recordings, which were made entirely using looped Eurorack modular synths, into three intense movements, each just shy of ten minutes long.
Judging by “I”, the self titled EP will definitely be worth the wait, released May 5th digitally and limited edition one-sided 12″ single.


Parallax – Hip Hop Philosophy (video)

Check out the new video from Parallax, “Hip Hop Philosophy”. The UK MC/producer lays down his philosophy on modern hip hop and how it should be about the music rather than girls, guns and gold. Good sentiment, well presented over a jazzy head nodding beat. Look out for his debut e.p “Depth Perception” coming soon.

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