Cultures Of Soul Records presents Bombay Disco

Here at TheLeftHandSide, usually like to bring you the best in new music, however this doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in the past, far from it. So when we heard about the brand new compilation, “Bombay Disco” on Cultures Of Soul Records, we were intrigued to say the least. As big fans of the bizarre and off-key, and of course the left field,  this compilation is right up our street. “Bombay Disco: Disco Hits from Hindi Films – 1979 to 1985. 13 selections excavated from the dusty bazaars of India by DJ Brother Cleve. The hunt even brought him to Bappi Lahiri’s home, where India’s “Disco King” regaled him with music and stories. Bombay Disco showcases the unique musical hybrid that is Bollywood filmi music. Don your leisure suit, puff a chillum, and get on the dancefloor. Shabash!”  
Vintage, bollywood, disco? Hell yeah! The compilation is out now on LP and CD via Cultures Of Soul Records and to whet your appetite check out the excellent mix Brother Cleve has put together using track all taken from the album. I’m trying to think of something to funny to end on referencing bombay mix…nope…just listen.


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