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Malachai – Sweet Flower (video)

Check out the excellent new video from Malachai for their new single, “Sweet Flower”. If you haven’t already, go and get their latest album, “Beyond Ugly” and third installment in their “ugly” series. It’s a wonderful slice of hip hop infused, psychedelic, indie, funkiness; an excellent follow-up to the two previous album.

Moongangs – II

The second track from the forthcoming Moongangs EP is now streaming on soundcloud. “II” is again an atmospheric, cinematic  track full of electronic eerieness, taking its que from b-movie sound tracks. The track builds from an ambient wash of noise into a frenzy of synths and electronic beats. We are looking forward to hearing the EP in full, released May 5th on Sexbeat Records.
Plus you can now stream the Xiu Xiu remix of “I”, taking the track into new dimensions, check it out below.


Stanley Ipkuss – Wrapps

ik“Wrapps” is the first single to be taken from Bay Area rapper, Stanley Ipkuss‘ forthcoming album, “.indefinite.”. Ipkuss has teamed up with up and coming New York producer, Ewonee Thee Beatnik to create a woozy, trippy, but super funky sound. If “Wrapps” is anything to go by, the album, available on May 12th, should make for great listening. Download “Wrapps” for free, check out the animated video and keep your eyes open for the album. One to watch for sure!


Adam & Bones – Harry’s Bar (video)

Check out the new video for Adam the Rapper and Rum Committee producer Sherlock Bones’ new track, “Harry’s Bar”. This tale of alcoholic behaviour is taken from the pairs new album, “Don’t Move” available now for free download HERE.

Dr Zygote – 36

drHaving supplied some of the heavy beats for Cappo’s latest release, Dr Zygote is back with something more experimental. His new track, “36” is a brooding mixture of off-key hip hop beats, experimental house, dark electronica, mysterious bass lines and jazz piano chords. Atmospheric, unsettling and excellent. Available now for free download via Zoot Records.

Edward Scissortongue – The Theremin

Front_coverEdward Scissortongue is back with his new, highly anticipated EP, “Theremin”. As you would expect, this is no party; this is intense, thought-provoking poetry, oozing with the gloomy, dystopian paranoia that is modern-day Great Britain.
Gloomy? Yes. Dull? No. Scissortongue has an extraordinary talent of packing each line of each verse full of imagery and information. Not a word is wasted, even lines that may seem throw-away only strengthen what is being said, helping the listener relate. There are times when you are left wondering what exactly is being said, this simply serves to make the listener work a little harder than usual, with repeat listens definitely needed. But the more you work, the better the rewards. This, for me, is the great appeal of Scissortongue and his music. He is happy not to give all to you on a plate, to stand alone on the dark edges , on his own terms, something rarely seen these days, especially in the world of hip hop, let alone UK hip hop.
Tales of the human condition, fragile minds and visions of the future, you could say it all seems a little bleak, but Edward Scissortongue is simply speaking his truth on the mic. Coming across like a Victorian sci-fi story, these are age-old issues conflicting with the modern way of life and heading into the uncertain future.
Sharing his inner thoughts and predictions, you may not like what you hear, but you cannot deny what is being said

“The Theremin” EP is available now on High Focus Records. Peep the brand new video for the track “Calculator”.

Cappo – The Boot EP

cappoCappo has teamed up with the Boot Records crew aka Dr Zygote and Jazz T, for his new EP “The Boot EP”. The EP gives you exactly what you want and expect from all involved, hard, heavy weight, neck snapping beats and rhymes.
Personally I think this is some of Cappo’s best material to date, with Zygote and Jazz T’s 1970’s cop show influenced production fitting his style perfectly.
Available from May 5th on strictly limited, only 100 pressed 12″ vinyl singles and digitally, pre-order you copy from Boot Records now! Then check the video for the track Yul Brynner below.

The Cloaks – Optical Conclusions (video)

Check out the new video from The Cloaks (Awol One & Gel Roc) featuring the legend that is Abstract Rude, produced by Awkward and Sir Beans on the cuts. This is the second video taken from their selftitled album out now on Abolano Records.

Dead Residents – Rubbish Song

Just a quick post of the new video for the Dead Residents track, “Rubbish Song”, taken from their forthcoming album, “Dead Thy Neighbour”. Lyrics and visuals by Junior Disprol, beats by Chud Jackson, we look forward to hearing the new album!

Daryl Donald – Kept

donaldDaryl Donald is a young producer from Edinburgh, he’s been locked away honing his skills and is now giving us “Kept”. This is an album of really tight instrumental hip hop, leaning from dusty, jazzy mellow styles, to more electronic Brainfeeder influenced material. No mater where it sits, it keeps your head nodding that’s for sure. If any thing, I would say some of the tracks for this 10 track release, are slightly too short for my liking, they could roll on for longer, but that’s a minor thing.
This is a great debut release, perfect for those sunny days we, hopefully, have to look forward soon.
Grab it now for free download.


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