Edward Scissortongue – The Theremin

Front_coverEdward Scissortongue is back with his new, highly anticipated EP, “Theremin”. As you would expect, this is no party; this is intense, thought-provoking poetry, oozing with the gloomy, dystopian paranoia that is modern-day Great Britain.
Gloomy? Yes. Dull? No. Scissortongue has an extraordinary talent of packing each line of each verse full of imagery and information. Not a word is wasted, even lines that may seem throw-away only strengthen what is being said, helping the listener relate. There are times when you are left wondering what exactly is being said, this simply serves to make the listener work a little harder than usual, with repeat listens definitely needed. But the more you work, the better the rewards. This, for me, is the great appeal of Scissortongue and his music. He is happy not to give all to you on a plate, to stand alone on the dark edges , on his own terms, something rarely seen these days, especially in the world of hip hop, let alone UK hip hop.
Tales of the human condition, fragile minds and visions of the future, you could say it all seems a little bleak, but Edward Scissortongue is simply speaking his truth on the mic. Coming across like a Victorian sci-fi story, these are age-old issues conflicting with the modern way of life and heading into the uncertain future.
Sharing his inner thoughts and predictions, you may not like what you hear, but you cannot deny what is being said

“The Theremin” EP is available now on High Focus Records. Peep the brand new video for the track “Calculator”.


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