Duke01 – Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition)

dukeUK MC, Duke01 drops his new album, “Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition)” on May 20th. “Steroid Stereo” production is solely handled by Staten Island’s Uncommon Nasa, giving the album an interesting mix of head strong British rhyming and uncompromising forward thinking production straight out of New York.
You can tell Duke01 knows his hip hop from the roots, with a real old school feel to his rhymes. There is a real Public Enemy influence here too, which works perfectly with Nasa’s futuristic yet tradition production. Add to that Furious P’s unquestionable scratching skills, makes for one great album.
14 tracks long, 7 vocal and the 7 instrumentals of these vocal tracks, this is a dense album that demands repeat listens. It’s good to hear a UK mc who is pushing boundaries, and a US producer appreciating his skills. One of the stand out tracks, “Count Down To Armour Gettin'” features Dwyzak, Masai Bey, Passive 65ive, Atari Blitzkrieg & Uncommon Nasa, making this a truly international, 7 minutes plus, opus of a track, giving each MC enough space to breath and shed their own unique light on the track.
This album may not make easy listening for everyone, but it is definitely entertaining and trying to tread new ground.
Buy it now, there are a number of different packages including t-shirts, CD and so on, all available from the Uncommon Records bandcamp.

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