Brother Beatbox – Vol.III

beatboxBrother Beatbox is back with the follow up to “Vol.II”, yep you’ve guessed it, “Vol.III”.
“Vol.III” is a collection of heavy, jazz influenced, head nodding, banging beats created on the trusty MPC. The album is a transatlantic journey, featuring the vocal talent from the UK such as Benny Diction, Deeflux and Don’t Flop favourite Joker Star, along with US rhymers Destruct, Young Heff and Lakai, who comes off like a young Gift Of Gab, to name but a few.
There is a really nice mix here, you have hard, crunching beats and hyped up vocals, and also theres mellow jazzy flows and summer sounds. It all keeps the listener’s attention and makes you go back for more. Definitely works well with the sun shining.
Out on June 30th via De Facto Entertainment pre-order now!

Peep the video for “Pen & Paper” featuring Joker Starr, right now…


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