Water Mostly – The Less The Better Said

waterWater Mostly is back with the new EP, “The Less The Better Said”. Once again mixing up lo-fi sounds with equally lo-fi, sung vocals, it makes for a great little EP and an interesting listen.
5 tracks long one of my favourite songs from the EP is, “Roundabouts”, which sound like The Beta Band if they were produced by El-P. The track is actually produced by The Moonrakers, not sure who they are but I’m guessing they are part of the Ghost Locust crew.
“You Choose” is the centre piece of the EP and possibly the most well-rounded song on here, with a skippy beat, edging toward a drum n bass sound. The accapella is also up for download for all you producers out there to have a play with.
I’m really liking this EP, it sounds good, but also I like the fact there is someone out there making music like this. It’s very lo-fi, home-made, fuzzy, a bit out there and all the better for it. My one complaint would be, there’s not enough of it! But lets hope there’s more to come. Grab it now for free download.


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One thought on “Water Mostly – The Less The Better Said

  1. jeff greee on said:

    With the moonrakers on the production it will be a awesome album.
    hip hop videos

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