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Strange U – The Cake Is A Lie

strangeThe futuristic, alien sounds of Strange U are back with a brand new video. “The Cake Is A Lie” is the first single from their forthcoming EP, and if this is anything to go by the EP will be off the hook. Actually I’ve heard it and I can assure you, it is!
The Strange U crew have been kind enough to give “The Cake Is A Lie” away for free download. Some of the best hip hop to come out of the UK in ages, and it’s yours for free. Keep you eyes open for the EP.



Solomon Caine – Guerilla Godz : Umask The Phantom

A few months back we featured the excellent album by Solomon Caine, “Guerilla Godz : Unmasked The Phantom”, we interviewed Caine and he supplied us with a tasty podcast mix as well. Now the album is available on super limited, only 275 will be made, vinyl from those providers of good music, Chopped Herring Records. Grab you copy HERE for the super nice price of £11.99, you won’t regret it!

Jen Reimer + Max Stein – Lisboa / Skagaströnd


jenJen Reimer & Max Stein have come together to release a cassette of two 14 min sound scapes.
This release features two performances in resonant, yet very different locations. “Lisboa” was recorded in the former cistern Mãe D’Áqua, an architectural cathedral for water and it’s sounds. In “Skagaströnd”, Jen Reimer + Max Stein take their listeners into the inside of an old chimney in Iceland, and slowly reveal it’s glistening, fulminating wavy sound.
It is a great mix of ambient, drone, noise, electronica, perfect for those who like something a bit more challenging and experimental. Out now on Hula Honeys.



Mr Ekow – Ekow Chamber

Mr Ekow, formerlyekowy known as Picasso, recently released his brand new EP, “Ekow Chamber”.
The EP has a strong electronic feel to it, with Ekow lacing each track with interesting, heart-felt lyrics. Mr Ekow reminds me a little of Ghost Poet, but definitely has his own flavour.
The 6 track EP works well, giving you an insight into the different styles and emotions Ekow has and goes through. the art work is super dope too!
It’s up for “name your price” download now.



Dead Residents – Dead Thy Neighbour

Wales’ finest, the Dedeadad Residents are back with a brand new full length album, “Dead Thy Neighbour”.
It’s been awhile since their last album, “Triple Crown”, time has passed, fashions have changed, but Dead Residents still remain as nasty as they ever were.
Ever since I first heard Junior Disporal on the Aspects track, “Here Come The Monsters”, I’ve been intrigued by the rapper. No one else sounds like him, no one else talks about the weird, wonderful and down right dirty things he does, he’s unique. So when ever Dead Res drop a new track, you know you are in for something a bit different, a bit off-key and I’m glad to say this is definitely true of this latest offering.
The album has a lo-fi, old school feel to it, using a lot of distorted, slightly wonky drum machine beats mixed with lots of squelchy bass lines and plenty of bizarre spoken word samples. I’m not really sure where it fits in the current UK hip hop scene, but that just makes it more appealing. However, there is a mega posse cut to end proceedings, “Outrageous Boasting” that features Mylo Stone, Mury P, Chattabox, Retch, BANE, Joe Blow and a nice sample from the 80’s children’s program The Lowdown’s rapping special.
This album is a definite highlight within this years UK hip hop releases, it doesn’t sound like anything else and it’s all the better for it. Ok so I may not play some of the songs to my mum, due to the lyrical content, but that’s what I expect from the mind of Mr Disprol. “I got blades like Pistorius…” lets just hope he hasn’t got a gun like him!

The Hinderance – SmithSonian Butterfly

The UK hip hinderhop duo The Hinderance, Issuez7 and Passive 65ive have just release their latest album, “SmithSonian Butterfly”.
This is 17 tracks of hard-hitting, uncompromising, raw hip hop. Taking their cue from the likes of Company Flow, Anti-Pop Consortium and other such left-field hip hop acts, and creating something truly unique.
They have enlisted the help of underground artists such as Life Long, Megabusive, Duke01 and production from Gold Panda, Waatu, Voider to name but a few.
If you are looking for something different but still firmly within the realms of hip hop, you need to give this album your attention.

Theory77 – Going Way Backwards

Turntable wizard and all round craze ball, Theory77 has just released a brand new mix for free download. “Going Way Backwards” is a mix of tracks either played backwards by the DJ or that are originally recorded that way. Sounds a bit nuts? We wouldn’t expect anything less. Check it out!


BMRN – Immersion / Drift / Accretion / Shift

Boomruboomin or simply BMRN is back with a new album. “Immersion/Drift/Accretion/Shift” marks a new direction for the Devonshire producer. His debut album, “Monochrome” was full of dusty, head nodding beats matched with dark, eerie sound and feel. This his second official full length album, there was a cassette release in between, keeps the dark brooding sound scapes, but now there is shift towards the electronic experimental side of things. Although I loved the heavy beats of the first album, this shift is by no means a bad thing. It seems to have given BMRN the room to experiment more, to take more chances and explore the darker, more ambient, unknown regions of beat music.
If I was to draw comparisons, I would pick artists such as Boards of Canada, Boom Bip (his earlier releases), Odd Nosdam, and so on. It’s a great piece of work and an excellent second album, there is a very limited run of CD with fantastic artwork, or you can get the download via bandcamp. Don’t sleep on this, it’s too good to be missed.

Abel Gray – Don’t Stop

Dont Stop ArtHere is the new video from UK rapper Abel Gray. Not your average UK hip hopper, “Don’t Stop” see Gray backed by a live band, and has a more singing style than just straight up rapping. As he puts it himself, “It’s some beardy English dude who probably looks like he shouldn’t really be this into hip-hop, but can’t really help it.”
He mixes up his flows creating a song that is interesting yet still has a commercial edge to it. The live band gives it a nice loose feel, that I really like and again, as Gray puts it, “Imagine Chance The Rapper mixed with Bombay Bicycle Club and probably a bit of Drake, with a British accent.” Now the only one out of those three I like are Bombay Bicycle Club, and I don’t like them very much, but I do like this.
Check out the video below and check out the rest of his music via his wegbsite

The Jazz Jousters – New Genesis

Mijazzzllenium Jazz present the new album from The Jazz Jousters collective entitled, “New Genesis”. As you would imagine,  the album bring together some of the best modern, beat heavy jazz. Laid back grooves, dusty beats, future jazz beats, it’s all here. Featuring artists such as Gadget, SmokedBeats, DJ Mentos, Es-K and more, you can grab the limited edition CD release or digital release from the labels bandcamp page.


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