BMRN – Immersion / Drift / Accretion / Shift

Boomruboomin or simply BMRN is back with a new album. “Immersion/Drift/Accretion/Shift” marks a new direction for the Devonshire producer. His debut album, “Monochrome” was full of dusty, head nodding beats matched with dark, eerie sound and feel. This his second official full length album, there was a cassette release in between, keeps the dark brooding sound scapes, but now there is shift towards the electronic experimental side of things. Although I loved the heavy beats of the first album, this shift is by no means a bad thing. It seems to have given BMRN the room to experiment more, to take more chances and explore the darker, more ambient, unknown regions of beat music.
If I was to draw comparisons, I would pick artists such as Boards of Canada, Boom Bip (his earlier releases), Odd Nosdam, and so on. It’s a great piece of work and an excellent second album, there is a very limited run of CD with fantastic artwork, or you can get the download via bandcamp. Don’t sleep on this, it’s too good to be missed.


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