Boca 45 – Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat

Beatsmith Bobocaca 45 returns with a brand new album, ‘Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat’ released on the Digga Please? label.
On offer here we have some of the funkiest beats and b-boy breaks we’ve heard in some time. The album ranges from upbeat, raw funk aimed directly at the dance floor, to more mellow head nodding beats. Boca enlists the help of US hip hoppers The Good People on 2 tracks, bringing that true skool flavour, as well as the soulful tones of Stephanie McKay who features on 3 tracks, including the single, ‘Mr Big Sun’.
The album is created with a great love for the old skool hip hop stylings and brings them up to date, while keeping things super funky. ‘Mr Big Sun’ is released on March 16th while the album see the light of day on March 23rd, check out the Digga Please? site for more information. Check out this 5 minute mix Boca 45 has put together as a sampler of the album.


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