Vinyl Heaven Documentary

Vinyl is not back – it was here the whole time! And there’s an entire world of great music, that only exists on the “dead format” vinyl. This is the claim behind the documentary ‘VINYL HEAVEN’, which can now be streamed online.
In the film the viewer visits a handful of Copenhagen used record shops and experiences the wonderful world of vinyl: The owners tell about hunting down the old artifacts and the musical pleasures which come with the hunt. Among those appearing is MICHAEL DENNER, former guitarist for Metal personality KING DIAMOND and owner of BEAT-BOP RECORDS, sharing his deep music passion, JESPER HANSEN from SOUND STATION showing the shop’s 3,000 Euros-records and more.
‘VINYL HEAVEN’ is available from DANISHDOX.COM, which specializes in new Danish made documentary
films. 2,5 Euros buys you 48 hours of watching. It’s in Danish language, but has English subtitles.
If you can’t get enough of vinyl on film, you can also watch BEAT DIGGIN’ with Hip-Hop legends DIAMOND
D, SHOWBIZ, BUCKWILD, DA BEATMINERZ and GODFATHER DON creating new music from old vinyl.



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