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Andy Cooper – The Free EP

Ugly Duckliandycng MC Andy Cooper recently released a free solo EP entitled, yep you’ve guessed it, ‘The Free EP’.
Taking time out from UD, Andy Cooper has not only written all the rhymes, he has also produced the whole EP, or at least co-produced.
Having not really seen what Ugly Duckling have been up to for a minute, we were all very impressed by the results. UD fans will not be disappointed, this is packed full of the funky, playfulness you would expect, but unlike a lot of UD’s work there is a slightly darker edge to some of the tracks.  On ‘Number One’ Andy C absolutely kills he double time flow, showing he definitely still has the skills to keep up with any MC out there. The production is always funky, but more varied than one may expect, there is an instrumental version available for all you beat heads out there. Grab it now, it’s free, in-case you hadn’t guessed that yet.


Professor Elemental – Please Don’t Feed The Trolls

The purveprofyor of all things steam punk and chap-hop, Professor Elemental is back with a new single, ‘Please Don’t Feed The Trolls’. The 7 track single features the title track and 2 remixes, 2 more new and exclusive tracks, an instrumental and one that can be found on a previous release.
With production coming from Tom Caruana, Pete Cannon and L’Orange this is definitely something worth checking out.

Issuez 7 – Breakerz feat. Infinite Livez, Imagery and Passive65ive

Issuez 7 returns with a ‘Breakerz’ featuring the vocal talents of Infinite Livez, Imagery and Passive65ive.
As ever this is a hard hitting, uncompromising piece of left-field hip hop. Each MC comes of nicely over the funky beat, flexing their unique skills. The single also features 2 more Issuez 7 tracks, ‘Man Down’ produced by Gold Panda and the Voider One remix of ‘Dangle’. Grab it now if you want something a bit different for your ears.

Strange U, Herrmutt Lobby & Cupp Cave – Final Flash

We don’t know much about this other than, Lord Rao (Formerly King Kashmere IV) has collaborated with beatsmith software pioneers Herrmutt Lobby and Cupp Cave on a new EP set for release on Detroit Underground. ‘Final Flash’ is the lead single, oh and it bangs!

The Casual Sexists – World of Noise

New wave, punk, electronic pop group The Casual Sexists have just released their new single, ‘World Of Noise’. Released on WrongTom‘s Rongorongo label, the single features a dub version by WrongTom, one of the more out there dubs we’ve heard from him. The single also feature ‘Vacation’ and ‘Tentacles of Dub’, grab it HERE.

The Cloaks – Flight video

Check out the excellent new video from The Cloaks. ‘Flight’ is produced by Awkward and also features the vocal talents of Gonjasufi. The animated video is provided by Evil Twin and fits perfectly with this dark track.
For more information and to purchase the album visit Abolano Records.


Edward Scissortongue & Lamplighter – Same In The Dark video

Brand new video from Edward Scissortongue and Lamplighter. ‘Same In The Dark’ is taken from the forthcoming 8-track EP ‘Chavassian Striking Distance’ which will be released on May 19th. Pre-order the EP HERE.

Telemachus – Mirleft video

Check out the new Telemachus video ‘Mirleft’, taken from the album, ‘In Morocco’.

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