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Water Mostly – Shakey Dog Stories

water mostWater Mostly returns with a brand new 3 track ep, “Shakey Dog Stories”.
Just like his previous release, the EP mixes electronic ambience, clanging beats and off-key, sung vocals. Water Mostly once again brings something truly unique, crossing musical boundaries and experimenting with the sounds of the soul.

The EP is out on for Name Your Price release on Universal Magnetic records and check out the dope video below.

Shinobi Cuts – Infrasonics 723 Remix Chain

The 3rdcover remix chain from Shinobi Cuts is now available for download. If you don’t know the premise, one artists creates a track, the next remixes that track, the next remixes the remixes and so on.
This time round the original track comes from San Diego’s DJ Pnutz, providing a storming mix of banging beats, wailing guitars and more. Then the track goes on to be remixed by the likes of Digital Midgets, Pete Sasqwax, Bobby Corridor and more, including our own LongDistanceDan. The results range from ambient electronic soundscapes, thumping downbeats, electro beats and more. Download the album now for Name Your Price release.

The Delaware Road

The Deldelawareaware Road is a psychological thriller & an audio-visual treat for fans of archived electronica, far out jazz & haunted folk grooves. Loosely based on the lives of influential, electronic musicians Delia Derbyshire & John Baker, it’s a fictional tale of obsession with sound, sex & occultism, exploring the highs & lows of the lead characters brilliant but troubled careers.
The album features 19 tracks from leading acts within the British electronic, tape, spoken word, jazz, folk & prog world.
The compilation is available now on limited edition gatefold CD and digital via Buried Treasure.


Rodinia – Drumside Dreamside

NA5132-RODINIA-LP-sleeve_6.23.15.DKRodinia is the latest project from JJ Whitefield, the man behind Poets Of Rhythm, Whitefield Brothers and Karl Hector & The Malcouns.
This time round Whitefield has taken inspiration from Krautrock and the more experimental side of post-hip hop funk.
Whitefield,along with collaborator, saxophonist and keyboardist Johannes
Schleiermacher have created an ambient, drum filled suite of music covering two sides of an album.
“all our vintage synths triggering everying with a vintage Korg rhythm box, absorbing some mind altering substances and jamming out.” is how the two put it themselves.
This is a definite must for all fans of Whitefields previous projects, even if it is on the more experimental side of things, there is still plenty of funk and heavy beats in the mix.
But it now from Now Again Records.

Emerald Joy – In Love feat. Hassan Haze

Check out this new, intriguing slice of blissed out soul. Emerald Joy is a creative singer / songwriter with soul, blues and R&B rhythms in her roots. “In Love” is the first single from her forthcoming as yet untitled mixtape, mixing up soul, R&B, woozy electronics and hip hop. The track also features the vocal talents of rapper Hassan Haze. Judging by this free download, Emerald Joy is one to watch on the neo-soul scene.

4th Coming – Strange Things Anthology

NA 5124 4TH COMING Strange Things 1970-1974 CD

4th Coming – eccentric soul and funk recordings from an unlikely crew of Los Angeles musical misfits, including psych rock cult figure John Greek (Reachin’ Arcesia, Beautiful Daze) and members of the Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band.
The result is as strange, bugged out and funky as you would expect. The closest comparison I can muster would be Funkadelic, but the 4th Coming are still out there on their own, doing their own thing. This is an excellent compilation of their material, covering 18 tracks including an awesome instrumental version of the track, “Waterloo At Watergate” (the vocal version is also included).
Available from the 23rd of September on Now Again Records, check out the sample below.

Markey Funk – Instinct: A Study on Tension, Fear and Anxiety

Markey Funk markeyreturns with his first solo album in 7 years. “Instinct: A Study on Tension, Fear and Anxiety” is an excellent mix of of dark, cinematic, psychedelic, library influenced music, keeping some funk in the mix, as DJ Food puts it, “it’s the sinister kind of Miles’ electric period or Morricone’s Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza.”
This is a must for any fans of horror soundtracks, or just dark brooding, experimental beats.
Released on Dec 17th pre-order the album on vinyl, CD and digital along with an exclusive mixtape now!

Renegades Of Jazz – Podcast and Interview

Our man inRenegades Of Jazz - TheLeftHandSide Podcast (1) Germany, Renegades Of Jazz has kindly taken time out to put together an awesome mix for the latest LeftHandSide Podcast and answer a few of our questions. Have a read and a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Please introduce yourself and what you do.
Yeah hi, my name is David Hanke and I’m a 37 years old, DJ and Producer from north Germany.
Most of the time I spent on producing music under various names and DJing at the weekends.

When did you first get into making music?
I think I was 15 or 16 when I started playing guitar. I was into Alternative Rock at the time, my friends and me were totally into Rock music and all started learning guitar. Unfortunately none of us managed to start a band. So at the end of the 90’s I was through with Rock music and a friend gave me a cassette tape with electronic produced music. For me electronic music was like Techno and Trance at this time, but then I found out how you can create organic sounding music by using sequencer and samples. So I started my first steps in producing around 2003.

What were your main influences? Have your influences changed over time?
At the beginning I was totally into the Ninja Tune sound. Up, Bustle & Out were my biggest heroes. As well as The Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, DJ Food and all the other Ninjas. Bobby Hughes Experience  and Kid Loco also had a big impact on me.
From 2000-2006 I was mainly influenced by the Tru Thoughts sound and Ninja Tune. It all started with
a big love for Downbeat music and later I became a big fan of contemporary Funk and Soul music. So yes, my influences change from time to time.

It’s hard to pin down your sound; there are many different elements and styles in there. How would you describe your music?
Haha well, I call it my “Northern Jazz” which includes Jazz, Funk, a bit of Soul, B-boy elements, Breaks
or even Downbeat with a darker touch. I even did some dub music or Drum & Bass songs.

You have worked with a number of UK artists, including Greg Blackman and Aspects. How did these collaborations come about?
I usually write them a mail. In case of Aspects it was clear to me that I would love to do something with them. I knew them from their own material and a featuring on a Quantic song. So I wrote them a mail, showing them my idea and the song and we teamed up for “Fire”…Same with Greg. He’s a great chap…and he works very professionally. He loved the idea of the “Paradise Lost” album with it’s dark feel and was writing the lyrics and vocals for three songs on the album, I’m really happy that I have the chance to work with him. I only knew his material from his collaborations with DJ Vadim.

Are there any artists out there you are going to or would like to collaborate with in the
Oh yes for sure. Currently I’m working with some new vocalists….there is a wonderful Lady from New York
and we just started working on some material as well as collaboration with Myles Sanko and Alexia Coley.

You regularly DJ at the legendary Mojo Club. Is DJing an important part of your music and life?
Yes it is important. While Djing I can test my new productions and remixes and I always enjoy seeing people dancing to my music. It’s kind of a balance, during the week I produce and at the weekends I’m Djing those songs or remixes.

On that note, you have supplied us with a fantastic new mix for our podcast. Can you give us a
little insight into the thought, inspiration etc that went into this mix.
Thanks, yes sure…The mix is more a podcast kind of selection what I listen to at the moment. So pretty different
styles in it and wildly mixed.

Which cartoon, old or new, would you like to supply the soundtrack to?
Haha…let me think…Maybe CatDog, I liked it a lot when I was a kid.

What’s next for Renegades of Jazz?
Next the “Moyo Wangu” album will see the light. It will be out early 2016 on Agogo Records. It’s an clubby Afrofunk
album with Artwork by Espen Horne.

Any shout outs etc?
Yeah shout out to the Agogo family, Pimpernel Jones, Deli-Kutt, Master Quest, Rhino Soulsystem, Felox @ The 45/7 Vinyl Club and all friends and people who support us. Thanks for having me!

Buy all Renegades Of Jazz releases HERE and check out the awesome podcast Renegades of Jazz have given us.

A Little Something Radio Vol.2 : London Sessions

Here & Nounnamedw Records are getting set to release the second instalment of “A Little Something Radio” compiled by Diesler. This time the focus is on London featuring tracks by the likes of Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Renegade Brass Band, Yam Who?, Tall Black Guy and more.
The result is a compilation of soulful, dance orientated funk, touching on electronica, house, future beats and more.
Available on double LP, CD and digital from October 23rd on Here & Now, this will definitely hit the spot for all modern soul fans.

The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra Feat. Martin Connor – Somebody Stole My Thunder

The nexthardwork instalment in the free download series “Hard Work, No Pay” from ATA Records is provided by The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra feat. Martin Connor – Somebody Stole My Thunder.
This storming cover of the georgie Fame classic “Somebody Stole My Thunder” features the vocal talents of Bugalu Foundation & Mind On Fire vocalist Martin Connor.
The track is available now for free download via the ATA Records bandcamp site.

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