4th Coming – Strange Things Anthology

NA 5124 4TH COMING Strange Things 1970-1974 CD

4th Coming – eccentric soul and funk recordings from an unlikely crew of Los Angeles musical misfits, including psych rock cult figure John Greek (Reachin’ Arcesia, Beautiful Daze) and members of the Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band.
The result is as strange, bugged out and funky as you would expect. The closest comparison I can muster would be Funkadelic, but the 4th Coming are still out there on their own, doing their own thing. This is an excellent compilation of their material, covering 18 tracks including an awesome instrumental version of the track, “Waterloo At Watergate” (the vocal version is also included).
Available from the 23rd of September on Now Again Records, check out the sample below.


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