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Adam & Cuth – Happy Up!

Brand new video from Adam & Cuth, “Happy Up!” is taken from the groups album “Formwork” available now on CD, 12″ and download HERE.

The Magnificent Tape Band – Patterns In My Mind

Taking instape bandpiration from the more abstract end of the soul spectrum that has been a richly tapped vein for hip-hop producers, The Magnificent tape band aim to create an evocative tapestry of sound that pulls together psychedelic soul with British library music to create a distinctly dramatic sounding record.
“Patterns In My Mind” features Rachel Modest on vocals and simply oozes soul in an authentic, 1960’s fashion while still sounding contemporary. The b-side “Golden Shades” is an instrumental re-working of the vocal A-Side with Rachel’s vocals replaced with a new melody played on Bass Clarinet and Vibraphone with an atmospheric chorus merging organ and vocals.
Out on now 7″ single and digital, this adds to ATA Records excellent catalogue and a must for all beat driven soul fans.

The Heliocentrics – Quatermass Sessions: From The Deep

The Heliocentrics return with a new instalment of jazzy laden funk, taking their sound to a new dimension.
Drawing on everything from psychedelia, space jazz, funk, and the beatier side of hip hop, “From The Deep” explores the more trippy side of the Heliocentrics sound. Moving things closer to the moon yet keeping their feet firmly on the ground.
Having toured with The Gaslamp Killer last year it’s no surprise that tracks on offer hear wouldn’t sound out of place on a GLK release and definitely not out of place in one of his DJ sets.
The Heliocentrics need no introduction but we suggest you all seek out this new album for a bit space aged funk. Out now on Now-Again Records.

Creaturos – Popsicle

After somcreaturose fuzzed out, lo-fi sunshine rock? Well look no further, Creaturos are here.
Cultures of Soul have signed up the band and plan to release their next album this summer, in the meantime the label have re-released the bands “Popsicle” album on limited cassette and digital.
This is a must for fans of Ty Seagull, Night Beats, White Fence and so on, bringing a fresh, scuzzy, psychedelic sound to your ears. Their sound will appeal to alternative rock fans and 60’s rock fans a like. We are digging this release and really look forward to the new album in the summer!

Hearts of Darkness – A Journey of a Thousand Miles

I first HORbecame aware of Hearts of Darkness back in the mid 90’s when they dropped two 12’s and appeared on a compilation for The Ruf label, then there was a track featured on Disorda’s “Mind The Gap” cassette compilation, and then nothing…until now!
The boys from Hull are back, well kind of. Kings of all things UK and old skool (especially if you like t-shirts and mugs), Style Warrior have blessed us with the remaster and re-release of all the Hearts of Darkness material recorded on the LP “A Journey of a Thousand Miles”. This includes all tracks featured on the 12’s and compilations and unreleased material never heard before.
Listening to the material now, Hearts of Darkness were ahead of their times. Effortlessly mixing up funky breaks with hard beats, thundering bass lines with a selection of horn samples and guitar licks, all finished off perfectly with smooth, hard and intelligent rhymes. Loire’s rhyme skills are second to none, coming off laid back yet urgent, force full but not in your face, utilising interesting rhyme patterns and styles never really heard these days, sadly.
Whilst looking forward to hearing the groups material again, I was unsure how it would fair, but I have to say I am just as impressed as I was back in 94, maybe even a little more now. With an older head on my shoulders I can appreciate all aspects of their music, not just a funky beat and some hard rhymes.
“A Journey of a Thousand Miles” is released later this month on the lovely black stuff (vinyl if you don’t know) make sure to grab a copy quick as they will go fast! A must for all real hip hop fans.

Mongrels – You Dig Raps? (Part One)

Fresh new video for the Mongrels “You Dig Raps? (Part One)” featuring Sebash from New Kingdom. Grab the limited 7″ single, also featuring “Combat Divers” remixed by Scotty Hard also from New Kingdom, here.

Cryptochrome – Clappo

Cryptochrome unleash their second video in as many months. “Clappo” is a super slick treat for the eyes and an even bigger treat for the ears, Mixing hip hop, electronics, folk and more, we look forward to next month and the next video!

The High Breed – Don’t Be Scared

Here is the new video from UK hip hop crew, The High Breed. “Don’t Be Scared” is the second single taken from the groups debut mixtape, “Reflected Distortion” that is set for release this month.

Spiral Nucleus – Spirals, Circles & Kaleidoscopes

Check out the new video from Spiral Nucleus, “Spirals, Circles & Kaleidoscopes” along with all Spiral Nucleus’ previous releases can be found here

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