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Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Love Like This / Dog Was A Doughnut


Long time multi instrumentalist and band leader Bjorn Wagner spend a few months in Trinidad & Tobago where he became fascinated with steel drums. After he became proficient on the pans Bjorn had his own instrument built from a used oil barrel by legendary pan man Louis C Smith. Upon returning home to Germany, Bjorn set out to blend the tropical steel into his sharply hone funk, soul and hip hop sensibilities. The outcome is an updated take on a classic format, a truly unique sound, the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band sound.
This latest 7″ single is a super funky take on Faith Evans rnb pop hit “Love Like This” backed with a cover of Cat Stevens electro pioneering tune “Dog Was A Doughnut”. Perfect for the dancefloor and for home listening. Buy the single now from Big Crown records now.
The single precedes the bands debut full length album “55” out on May 6th. The album features cover versions of artists as diverse as 50 Cent, John Holt and Dennis Coffey as well as the bands own original material. But more on that to come soon…


Spectateur – Yateveo

French producer Spectateur spectateuhas released his debut album, “Yateveo” on TFTC Records (The French Touch Connection).
The album is a heady mix of electronic tinged, neck snapping hip hop beats, taking influence from Madlib, Adrian Younge, Alchemist, to name but a few.
The album features 9 strong instrumental tracks along with 2 vocal tracks, one in English and one in French. If you are a fan of abstract, electronic hip hop with trip hop leanings then you definitely need to give “Yateveo” a listen.
Available now for name you price release via the TFTC Records bandcamp page.

The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 4

LA based Concontenttent Label has just dropped a tasty free sampler featuring some of its best artists. Curated by label boss DDay One the sampler features tracks by 2econd Class Citizen, Dextah, Glen Porter, and of course DDay himself. When describing the label DDay One said, “We believe that ‘content’ which emanates from profoundness adds value to the lives of those that create it and support it and as a label we function as a bridge to facilitate the exchange.”
The sampler is available for free download via bandcamp but only for 1 month, so don’t miss out kids!

The Dandelion Set – A Thousand Strands

The Dandelion Set is a new CD LP covercollaboration between Glyn ‘Bigga’ Bush (Lightning Head, Rockers Hi Fi) and PK Chown (James Beige, Mr Liquorice). Their debut album ” A Thousand Strands” is a heady mix of krautrock, library music, psychedelic folk, electronica and more and even features cult hero Alan Moore on vocals!
In places the album captures the whimsical psychedelia of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, but easily takes darker turns, leading into sparse, unnerving, dystopian landscapes, then quickly flashing back to more groovier sounds.
“A Thousand Strands” is a must for anyone with an interest in early electronica, freaked out library music and funky beats. Released on CD, LP, cassette and download each with a unique combination of tracks, this is well worth picking up. Out April 22nd on Buried Treasure Records, keep your ears and eyes open!

Double Agent Media – Passing Lanes

Makebelieve Records return with tdoubleagenthe new album from Double Agent Media. “Passing Lanes” is the duos second full length album, capturing the essence of the funky, 90’s boom bap that people love.
Think Native Tongues, Hieroglyphics, Blackalicious, The Pharcyde and you will be on the right lines. Bringing some much needed playful, sunshine back into hip hop. This album will appeal to old heads and new fans who like their music assembled from funk and soul samples, with some fresh and thought provoking vocals laid on top. Out now for Name Your Price release, make sure you check it out.

Giallo Point – Vito Ferro

Check out the awesoferrome new album from Giallo Point, “Vito Ferro”. These are super funky hip hop beats of the highest order. Imagine all your favourite library records, films scores and 70’s cop shows all rolled nicely together to create some super smooth, head nodding hip hop. That’s Giallo Points sound to a tee.
He’s got breaks for all occasions and crates for days and any other crate digging phrase you’d like to mention.
This album is a must for all beats, instrumental hip hop, library, funk fans and it will only cost you £3!

Mongrels – Full Moon/Half Moon

The MongrMongrels moonels return with the first single from their forthcoming album, “Attack the Monolith” set for release May 6th.
For now grab the “Full Moon/Half Moon” single for free download featuring the stripped back dub version “Half Moon” and “Full Moon (Part 2)” featuring the vocal talents of UK veteran ScorZayZee.
This adds to the Mongrels excellent slew of releases this year, and we eagerly await the release of the album, with guest spots from Juice Aleem, Sebastian Laws and Lord Rao (Strange U).  Looking set to be one of the highlights of 2016!

Happy Thoughts – Tic Toc

‘Happy Thoughts’ is the film noir brainchild of rapper/producer Dope KNife and MC/Illustrator Miggs Son Daddy. After several years touring together, the two wanted to take a different approach to their anticipated collaboration. Leaving behind the “bars over everything” vibe that might have been expected, they decided to use their lyrical prowess to convert an original script they wrote into a dark and trippy hip-hop opera, resulting in an album that serves as a soundtrack to a film not yet made.
‘Tic Toc’ is the first single off the Happy Thoughts project which drops April 20, 2016 on Dope Sandwich Records & Tapes and features Ceschi Ramos, Mikal kHill, DT and Allone with production by Freak Tha Monsta, Black Ceaser, Carmello and Keith Williams.

IBMCs: Worldwide Remixes

IBMCs have been working hard over the last few years, bringing you the best international hip hop around.  Started back in 2010, the “Worldwide Remixes” is a project that brings 10 four track EP’s, all tracks title “Worldwide”, featuring artists from 30 countries, 28 producers. So far they are 6 EP’s deep and feature artists such as Evil Ed, ASM, Obo One, DJ Grazzhoppa to name but a few. To sweeten the deal even more, some of the EP’s are up for free download on the IBMCs bandcamp page, the full album is coming soon. Check it!

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