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The Casual Sexists – Karakara EP

The Casual Sexists are back with a brand new EP, “Karakara” released 11th August on Feral Media. Spiking their pop cocktail with skulking dancehall rhythms and minimalistic electro-funk, The Casual Sexists bring the combination to a dizzying high with this new EP.
The title track places a pitiful but tenacious stalker in the Casuals’ crosshairs, torn apart by Varrick in sardonic and sultry tones against a musical backdrop of speaker-rattling basslines, lo-fi percussion and a maddeningly catchy chorus.
The fractured funk jalopy that is “Curse” finds Varrick and Ed confronting the mixed feelings of sustained disillusionment and fleeting triumph inherent in the creative process—whilst wryly noting the slight absurdity of applying such lofty dramatics to their DIY milieu.
Third and final is “Pop Music”, a celebration of one of the Casuals’ very favourite things, yakked with detached glee over an angular electro rhythm littered with samples and some very janked-up percussion.
For the as-yet-unfamiliar, The Casual Sexists began their musical life in London before relocating to Varrick’s native NYC, where they make music using a computer along with various domestic objects, animal sounds and the overwhelming madness of the world at large.
Grab the EP on the 11th HERE and in the mean time check out the video for Karakara, its worth it for Ed Zeds dancing alone!

Diesler – Sounds Familiar

With past Didiesleresler releases on Tru Thoughts, Freestyle Records, Unique Records & Record Kicks having enjoyed support including Zane Lowe, Gilles Peterson, Bonobo, Mr. Scruff & Craig Charles and across the BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 & BBC Radio 6 Music networks, the next artist album from Diesler follows on perfectly from 2010’s ‘Tie Breakers’ and his popular compilation series from 2015 ‘A Little Something Radio’, in the shape of the 12 track long player ‘Sounds Familiar’.
Diesler’s much anticipated 5th album which sits perfectly beside his 4 previous artist albums, remix and DJ compilations which have gained thousands of fans and have been supported, played and danced to the world over.
On the release Diesler is joined by a cast of collaborators who in their own right have been firm fixtures in the modern soul underground for years. Jazz vocalist Lizzy Parks & French producer Azaxx (Tru Thoughts) join Diesler on ‘Caught Counting’, UK vocalist Double Yellow (Here & Now) joins Diesler on ‘Human When You Dance’ & ‘Repeat This Moment’ & Gloria Adereti (Classic / Defected) lends her formidable vocal talents to ‘Birds & Bees’.
I was initially worried that the album might be a bit too housey and nu-jazzy for these ears, however the more you listen the more it drags you in. Yes “Sounds Familiar” is aimed firmly at the dance floor, but there are many layers to Dieslers music, each track has a depth to keep listeners interested on and off the dance floor.
“Sounds Familiar” is out now on A Little Something records.

Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass

buriedBuried Treasure records have truly outdone themselves with the release of this brand new compilation, “Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass : Music From Sonoton Library 1969 -1981”.
As you will have guessed from the titled, this is a compilation of unreleased library music from the Sonoton Records archives. 18 short but funky tracks, some horn and brass lead, some more psyched out offerings, even some dubbed out disco. This is one for all library music fans, breaks fans and people who just dig quirky, funky music.
Out on the 30th of June, you can preview and pre-order the compilation on the Buried Treasure bandcamp page.

Chris Read – Small Steps

chrisChris Read; hip hop promoter, top class DJ, super producer and all round nice bloke, recently released his debut album, “Small Steps”.
Including recent singles, the album is a great mix of classic hip hop, funk, afro-beat, disco and more. Featuring guests such as Phil Most Chill and Lizzy Parks, this is a really great album. It will get you up dancing and keep you up for the full duration. Authentic soulful beats, mixed with plenty of horns, bass and good old boom beats.
Get it now from Breakin’ Bread Records.

Cultures Of Soul Records presents Bombay Disco

Here at TheLeftHandSide, usually like to bring you the best in new music, however this doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in the past, far from it. So when we heard about the brand new compilation, “Bombay Disco” on Cultures Of Soul Records, we were intrigued to say the least. As big fans of the bizarre and off-key, and of course the left field,  this compilation is right up our street. “Bombay Disco: Disco Hits from Hindi Films – 1979 to 1985. 13 selections excavated from the dusty bazaars of India by DJ Brother Cleve. The hunt even brought him to Bappi Lahiri’s home, where India’s “Disco King” regaled him with music and stories. Bombay Disco showcases the unique musical hybrid that is Bollywood filmi music. Don your leisure suit, puff a chillum, and get on the dancefloor. Shabash!”  
Vintage, bollywood, disco? Hell yeah! The compilation is out now on LP and CD via Cultures Of Soul Records and to whet your appetite check out the excellent mix Brother Cleve has put together using track all taken from the album. I’m trying to think of something to funny to end on referencing bombay mix…nope…just listen.

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