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Yes Creator – Yes Creator

yesYes Creator is a project put together by Benjamin One and Derek Hines. Its a heady mix of future beats, grime and soul.
We’re not sure if these 2 tracks are the groups only release, but all elements work perfectly together, creating a hard hitting, experimental slice of neo soul. Grab it now for free.

Roger Robinson – ‘Ashes To Fire’ video

Check out the brand new video from poet and King Midas Sound member, Roger Robinson. ‘Ashes To Fire’ is taken from his new dub poetry album, ‘Dis Side Ah Town’. For more info check out rogerrobindsononline.

Soothsayer – Shortsighted, But Far Out

Soothssoothayer is an interesting new producer coming out of Manchester. His music is a mix of electronica, hip hop, IDM, downbeat, glitchy beats.
The new EP, ‘Shortsighted, But Far Out’ live sup to it’s name as it experiments with these genres, pushing them into new directions. Definitely worth a listen. Check Soothsayer on facebook and download the ep for free via bandcamp.

Benjamin One – After The Days / Simpler Things

Following theben one release of his debut album ‘The Drum Role’, Benjamin One returns with a new single, ‘Simpler Things’. The track is accompanied with a slick new video that features an interesting looking puzzle being played, the puzzle is also up for sale from the Universal Magnetic bandcamp page.
The track itself is a tasty mix of electronic beats, with the energy of grime, a hint of dubstep and of course lots of hip hop. This track definitely gets your body moving!

Telemachus – Sidi Ifni video

The new video for ‘Sidi Ifni’ taken from Telemachus’ new album,  ‘In Morocco’ out now on YNR Productions.

Telemachus – In Morocco

The new Telemtelachus album, ‘In Morocco’ is released on Monday the 8th December.
The highly anticipated follow-up to, ‘In The Evening’, is a fantastic mix of electronic bass kicks, sparse dubstep influenced rhythms, native African instrumentation, and percussion heavy beats. The London producer has made a truly unique and refreshing album, taking his sound into new areas and new levels.
Check out this snippet mix and then grab the album on Monday, pre-orders  for the extremely limited, only 100 in the world, vinyl are being taken now, so get in there while you can from the YNR Productions Bandcamp.

Benjamin One – The Shifts EP

benThe Bristol beat maker and master of the MPC, Benjamin One is back with a new EP and this time he’s gone all out!
Benjamin has cooked up a tasty 4 track EP, delving into the dark realms of jungle, dubstep, grime, electronics and more. Although “The Shifts” ep is a slight, well…shift, from the electronic hip hop we have heard in the past, but it’s a logical shift and still echo’s the left of centre electronic hip hop you would expect.
Out in April on Rebel Instinct Records, be sure to come along for the ride!

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