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The Shacks – Orchids

Here is the latest video from The Shacks. “Orchids” is produced by¬†Leon Michels of El Michels Affair and taken from The Shacks self titled EP out now on Big Crown Records.

Stray Dog – Soap

straydogStray Dog returns with a new EP “Soap”, once again produced by Bare Beats. The combination of Stray Dog’s fragile, haunting vocals and Bare Beats sparse, dark, electronic production works perfectly over these 5 tracks. Elements of Massive Attack style trip hop, Boards of Canada soundscapes, future beats chugging rhythms, along with dark, indie pop can all be found on “Soap”. Definitely worth a listen and a download, all for free!
Download the “Soup” HERE


Water Mostly – Shakey Dog Stories

water mostWater Mostly returns with a brand new 3 track ep, “Shakey Dog Stories”.
Just like his previous release, the EP mixes electronic ambience, clanging beats and off-key, sung vocals. Water Mostly once again brings something truly unique, crossing musical boundaries and experimenting with the sounds of the soul.

The EP is out on for Name Your Price release on Universal Magnetic records and check out the dope video below.

Czar Rose – Pacific Lines


Czar Rose release their new EP, ‘Pacific Lines’.
Once again they have created a unique sound, mixing psychedelic, shoe gazer rock with electronic soundscapes and down tempo beats.
‘Pacific Lines’ is the bands 3rd release and shows a more controlled and mature sound to the bands work. Grab the EP now for name your price release via bandcamp.

True Deceiver – True Deceiver


True Deceiver is the new project from lo-fi beatsmith Cars & Trains. The man himself had this to say –
“True Deceiver is something I’ve wanted to do for years: heavy, baritone guitar driven music sitting on a bed of electronic sludge and melodies, inspired by long time favourites like Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine, and Killing Joke. It’s all totally out of my comfort zone and I’m really excited to share it with you, finally.”
This is an excellent mix of shoe gazer, post rock, shoe gazer, drone, guitar lead music that is definitely worth a listen. Available now for free download!

Abel Grey – Outsider On The Inside

Abel Grey returns abelwith his new EP, ‘Ousider On The Inside’.
This is hip hop, but hip hop mixed with folk, indie, and other influences which will make it more appealing to non-hip hop fans. But just as you think Grey could go down the Ed Sheeran route, he switches it up and proves he can hold his own with any so called “real” rappers out there right now.
Mixing live instrumentation and electronics, this is definitely a unique release, covering a lot of ground within its 5 tracks. Eclectic, entertaining, informative and honest, it’s definitely worth picking up this EP.

Abel Gray – Don’t Stop

Dont Stop ArtHere is the new video from UK rapper Abel Gray. Not your average UK hip hopper, “Don’t Stop” see Gray backed by a live band, and has a more singing style than just straight up rapping. As he puts it himself, “It’s some beardy English dude who probably looks like he shouldn’t really be this into hip-hop, but can’t really help it.”
He mixes up his flows creating a song that is interesting yet still has a commercial edge to it. The live band gives it a nice loose feel, that I really like and again, as Gray puts it, “Imagine Chance The Rapper mixed with Bombay Bicycle Club and probably a bit of Drake, with a British accent.” Now the only one out of those three I like are Bombay Bicycle Club, and I don’t like them very much, but I do like this.
Check out the video below and check out the rest of his music via his wegbsite

Water Mostly – The Less The Better Said

waterWater Mostly is back with the new EP, “The Less The Better Said”. Once again mixing up lo-fi sounds with equally lo-fi, sung vocals, it makes for a great little EP and an interesting listen.
5 tracks long one of my favourite songs from the EP is, “Roundabouts”, which sound like The Beta Band if they were produced by El-P. The track is actually produced by The Moonrakers, not sure who they are but I’m guessing they are part of the Ghost Locust crew.
“You Choose” is the centre piece of the EP and possibly the most well-rounded song on here, with a skippy beat, edging toward a drum n bass sound. The accapella is also up for download for all you producers out there to have a play with.
I’m really liking this EP, it sounds good, but also I like the fact there is someone out there making music like this. It’s very lo-fi, home-made, fuzzy, a bit out there and all the better for it. My one complaint would be, there’s not enough of it! But lets hope there’s more to come. Grab it now for free download.

Buddy Peace – 300 SECONDS Part 001 – ‘Crystal Dungeonette’

buddyMr Buddy Peace is back with a new mix, or should that be mini-mix? ‘Crystal Dungeonette’ is the first installment in Buddy’s 300 Seconds (5 minutes) mix series, that he aims to put out every Tuesday and Thursday.
As ever expect an eclectic mix of styles, and of course lots of heavy drums!

Czar Rose – Death Honey

czarCzar Rose are an experimental two piece from Los Angeles, mixing up shoe gazing indie, elements of modern psychedelia, with hints of hip hop and electronica.
“Death Honey” their new album, consists of seven tracks show casing Czar Roses unique, downbeat sound. There’s ethereal singing that washes over you nicely, off-key, beck style rapping, glitchy electronics, guitars and more.
“Death Honey” definitely makes for interesting listening, and it is all yours for free!

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