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Dr Zygote – 36

drHaving supplied some of the heavy beats for Cappo’s latest release, Dr Zygote is back with something more experimental. His new track, “36” is a brooding mixture of off-key hip hop beats, experimental house, dark electronica, mysterious bass lines and jazz piano chords. Atmospheric, unsettling and excellent. Available now for free download via Zoot Records.

Benjamin One – The Shifts EP

benThe Bristol beat maker and master of the MPC, Benjamin One is back with a new EP and this time he’s gone all out!
Benjamin has cooked up a tasty 4 track EP, delving into the dark realms of jungle, dubstep, grime, electronics and more. Although “The Shifts” ep is a slight, well…shift, from the electronic hip hop we have heard in the past, but it’s a logical shift and still echo’s the left of centre electronic hip hop you would expect.
Out in April on Rebel Instinct Records, be sure to come along for the ride!

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