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The Casual Sexists – Karakara EP

The Casual Sexists are back with a brand new EP, “Karakara” released 11th August on Feral Media. Spiking their pop cocktail with skulking dancehall rhythms and minimalistic electro-funk, The Casual Sexists bring the combination to a dizzying high with this new EP.
The title track places a pitiful but tenacious stalker in the Casuals’ crosshairs, torn apart by Varrick in sardonic and sultry tones against a musical backdrop of speaker-rattling basslines, lo-fi percussion and a maddeningly catchy chorus.
The fractured funk jalopy that is “Curse” finds Varrick and Ed confronting the mixed feelings of sustained disillusionment and fleeting triumph inherent in the creative process—whilst wryly noting the slight absurdity of applying such lofty dramatics to their DIY milieu.
Third and final is “Pop Music”, a celebration of one of the Casuals’ very favourite things, yakked with detached glee over an angular electro rhythm littered with samples and some very janked-up percussion.
For the as-yet-unfamiliar, The Casual Sexists began their musical life in London before relocating to Varrick’s native NYC, where they make music using a computer along with various domestic objects, animal sounds and the overwhelming madness of the world at large.
Grab the EP on the 11th HERE and in the mean time check out the video for Karakara, its worth it for Ed Zeds dancing alone!

Walter Gross – Vestige

Experimental noise merchant Walter Gross has just released his new album, “Vestige”. Known for his instrumental soundscapes and DIY approach, the new album see’s Gross treading new ground, incorporating more eerie and distorted vocals into his music. This musical step forward evokes the industrial, post-punk sounds of Suicide, krautrock, shoegaze, experimental psychedelia, while still remaining firmly Gross’ own sound.
“Vestige” is out now on limited edition cassette and digital, a definite must for fans of interesting, uncompromising, experimental music.

The Casual Sexists – World of Noise

New wave, punk, electronic pop group The Casual Sexists have just released their new single, ‘World Of Noise’. Released on WrongTom‘s Rongorongo label, the single features a dub version by WrongTom, one of the more out there dubs we’ve heard from him. The single also feature ‘Vacation’ and ‘Tentacles of Dub’, grab it HERE.

King Rhythm – Rock Star Dementia

kingWe recently featured King Rhythm’s hip hop tribute to David Bowie, “Bowie In Space”. Now you can get his latest full length album, “Rock Star Dementia” for free via bandcamp.
The album continues in the same vein as “Bowie In Space”, mixing up left-field hip hop with classic alternative rock influences. This mix of influences has created a truly unique sound, it’s like a punk rock, hip hop, new wave, psych out fest. Sound interesting? It is.
Clocking in at a concise 28 minutes, there’s method in Rhythms madness, “Part of the concept was to work with some of my favorite classic rock artists/ songs, so I composed the tracks with samples from Syd Barrett, David Bowie, The Who, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Nico, Bob Dylan, & The Byrds.  I also have some Rock & Roll Documentary Interviews and movie samples sprinkled here and there to round it out.”
This is definitely an album for fans of experimental music, boundary pushing hip hop (think Anticon), and music that isn’t just simply the normal, same old same old. Even better it’s all yours for free. Grab it now.

Death Grips – Government Plates

deathgripsDeath Grips have unleashed a brand new album on an unsuspecting world via the means of facebook.
“Government Plates” in its full 11 track entirety is available for free download here or here.

As ever, Death Grips music combines underground left-field hip hop, electronics, dubstep bass lines, punk rock and a whole lot more. It’s raw and sometimes hard listening, but definitely worth it.
Having been dropped from their record label after giving away their last album for free, without their permission, this new album continues in the don’t give a f*ck vein the band are known for. More power to them!

Podcast No.5 – Chips For The Poor

CFTP podcast picThe Left Hand Sides 5th podcast is here! We are happy to welcome our very special guests Chips For The Poor.
Scott and Michael (Chips for the Poor) got fresh on the double H-ill and come up with a cookie crumbling mix for yur ear (w.w.w)holes.
In contrast to the previous guest podcast, this is a blend of punk, off-beat rock, psychedelic rock, spacey prog, alternative rock, hip hop and more. A real  interesting and eclectic mix, just what we like to hear at TLHS.
Make sure you check out Chips For The Poor and the rest of the Invisible Spies clan.

C U Next Tuesday Records


Before they were Invisible Spies, Kid Acne, Chips For The Poor, Mongrels and crew were releasing records on their CU Next Tuesday Records imprint. They have just put the back catalogue up for FREE download on bandcamp. Go check out some weird and wonderful music.

Punky Reggae Party

WrongTom is well-known for his love of reggae, his albums with Roots Manuva and Deemas J are proof, if any was ever needed. As well as many many other musical genres, Tom also has a great love for punk music, and for the past few years has been busy, along with cohort Ed Zed, writing the Skank Blog Bologna, uncovering the sounds where punk and reggae collide. Their hard work has now paid off with the release of the new compilation, “Spiky Dread”.
The compilation boasts well-known names such as The Slits and Bad Brains, as well as some lesser known artists and at least one track that has never seen the light of day, until now. The great thing about this compilation is its broad appeal, if you enjoy the more experimental side of late 70’s punk and new wave, or get down to spaced out dub, you will love Spiky Dread, spiky guitars and heavy bass lines. It is a great collection of music that has been to often overlooked.
Check out the teaser, and then order your copy, you will not be disappointed!

Chips For The Poor

Chips For The Poor have been showing TheLeftHandSide a lot of love recently, so we wanted to do the same back. This single “Fistula” came out a few months back, but we are still loving it, so have a gander and check out their website for more info!

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