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The Difference Machine – Smoke (Anthony Nolan Remix) WORLD PREMIER

After releasing one of the best hip hop albums of 2016, The Difference Machine return with a brand new remix album, “Triangle Schemes”. Featuring remixes by the likes of Jel, Blockhead, PUDGE, DJ Nervex and more, along with some new material.
We are extremely excited to bring you the world premier of Anthony Nolans awesome, fuzzed up remix of “Smoke” featuring Homeboy Sandman. Pre-order the album here and enjoy this exclusive.

V/A Shinobi Cuts – Cliff Thornburn

Shinobi Cuts presents the latest instalment of their highly entertaining remix chain albums, “Cliff Thornburn”. The premise is one artists submits a track, in this case Pete Sasqwax, it then gets passed to the next artists to remix, then to the next to remix the remix and so on. Until it finally arrives back to the original artists to give it the final rework. Once again the album features a remix from our very own LongDistanceDan, amongst many talented others.
Grab your free download now, which also comes with a seamless DJ mix of the tracks from Pimpernel Jones.

Madeleine Chartrand “Ani Kuni” (2nd Class Citizen edit)

For those that do not know, Madeleine Chartland’s “Ani Kuni” is an awesome psych, pop hit from the early 70’s. Chartland took a Native American song or chant and give it the psych, glam rock treatment.
Now in 2016 Brighton producer 2econd Class Citizen has given the track a new re-edit, but I would call this more of a remix. It’s not just taken elements and extended them, he has added a whole new feel to the track and it sounds fantastic! It’s up for download now and all yours for free, check it out and the rest of Mr Citizens back catalogue while you’re at it.

Shinobi Cuts – Infrasonics 723 Remix Chain

The 3rdcover remix chain from Shinobi Cuts is now available for download. If you don’t know the premise, one artists creates a track, the next remixes that track, the next remixes the remixes and so on.
This time round the original track comes from San Diego’s DJ Pnutz, providing a storming mix of banging beats, wailing guitars and more. Then the track goes on to be remixed by the likes of Digital Midgets, Pete Sasqwax, Bobby Corridor and more, including our own LongDistanceDan. The results range from ambient electronic soundscapes, thumping downbeats, electro beats and more. Download the album now for Name Your Price release.

Shinobi Cuts – Toastboat Ninjatune Forum Remix Chain

The first toastpost of 2015 goes to the new remix project on Shinobi Cuts.
This remix chain brings together producers from around the world, each linked by samples as well as membership of the Ninja Tune record label’s online forum.
The 3rd remix chain begins in Australia with Tim Koch’s track “Toastboat”. Tim has been recording music for many years now and has had releases on Ghostly International and cult idm label Defocus as well as being a staple of the late ’90s IDM scene under his moniker Thug. The track then goes through 12 remixes, including one from our very own LongDistanceDan, until it is reworked for the final time again by Koch. Each remix takes the track to new places and remix takes it own form, creating something unique, interesting and entertaining. Taking in electronica, ambient, beats, drone and more, ‘Toastboat’ is the perfect album to start your new year with.

Telemachus – The Banquet (Remixes & Oddities)


As a tasty little christmas present, Telemachus has just released ‘The Banquet’, a collection of remixes and other productions all for free download.
Featuring the London producers remix of Tame Impala, Action Bronson, Lana Del Ray and some extra unreleased tracks of his own, this is the perfect christmas present.
Don’t forget to grab the ‘In Morocco’ album while you’re at it, you won’t regret it.

Al Lover X GOAT – Stonegoat

DJ, producer, remixer Al Lover is set to release his remix EP of Swedish band GOAT later this month. The EP, “AL Lover X GOAT” is released on PNKSLM records July 14th, expect some beat heavy, psychedelic madness. You can stream the track, “Stonegoat” prior to the release, and you can catch both Al Lover and GOAT at the Liverpool Psych Fest in September.

The Herbaliser – There Were Seven (Remixes)

herbThe Herbaliser are back! Well kind of…following on from their 7th studio album, they have just released “There Were Seven – Remixes”.
The hip hop, funksters have let a whole load of established and up coming artists lose on their tracks, given them fresh remixes and re-jiggles. The remixes enlisted are an interesting bunch, ranging from straight up hip hop production from Soundsci (Ollie Teeba’s side project with Johnny Cuba) and dusty breaks from 2econd Class Citizen, to the tough electro sounds of Lopez, the return of DnB vet T-Power, although not making DnB here, to the dubbed out sounds from UK hip hop legend No Sleep Nigel, and a whole load of others making up the ground in between.
These remixes breath new life into the 2012 album, taking the tracks into new and different areas and realms. Released on the bands own Department H the album is out now and well worth you cash!

Belle – Lapwing (Telemachus Remix)

Being big fans of pretty everything Telemachus releases, we are always eager to hear new material and his latest remix of Belle’s “Lapwing” doesn’t dissapoint.
Bring his laid back sound to the track, snappy drums, woozy sound scapes and there is definitely a dub feel to the track too. This remix is taken from the compilation album, “WotNot Advent Calendar 2013: in aid of ShelterBox” released on the WatNot label to raise money for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Great music for a good cause.

Aspects – What Time Is It? (Shepherds Remix)

The 4th re-animated remix of tracks from Aspects “The Left Hand Path” drops today. This time the remix comes from Shepherds – MC 8Man and DJ Aaaron Islamb (AKA The Bees’ Aaron Fletcher).
Remixed and re-recorded, the Shepherds give “What Time Is It?” the woozy, hazy, electronic beats treatment, to great effect. But don’t just take my word for it, download it now for free!

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