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fbcfabric & reindeer – It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know

Originally released back in 2005, FBC Fabric and Reindeers album “It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know” is being given a new lease of life with its debut vinyl release. Originally released on hand crafted CD, that are long sold out now, Mism Records have done an awesome of re-issuing the album on deluxe triple vinyl, strictly limited to 100 copies.
Musically the album is left-field, avant-garde, experimental hip hop, easily comparable to Anticon Records releases. As much as this is true, there is without a doubt a big influence, it still feels like a slightly lazy comparison. You can also hear influences from the likes of Taskforce, El-P and Def Jux, classic hip hop, folk music and much more.
This is serious music with depth and passion, left-field UK hip hop done well not sounding like a poor imitation of our state side counter parts. Perfect autumn and winter listening, we urge you to get a copy while you can.
Buy the album from Mism Records here.

Chaos Jigsaw – You Make It

Check out the brand new video from Dylan Cartridge aka Chaos Jigsaw. The Stoke-On-Trent born rapper is not afraid to do things his own way, including getting dark both lyrically, musically and visually. “You Make It” hits your eardrums as well as your eyes with the horror style video. Have a look and check out his soundcloud page for more.

Longusto – Gustodial Sentence

Check out the brand new album from Brighton MC, Longusto. “Gustodial Sentence” is 12 tracks of Longusto’s unique tales and rhyming skills over beats provided from the likes of Cuth, Tom Caruana, Tom Hines and more. Grab it now for free download or show some support and buy the CD version, its only a fiver!

The Difference Machine – The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle

The Difference Machine returndifference with their second full length album, “The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle”. The album continues the groups journey into the outer limits of what we call hip hop. Taking elements of classic boom bap, wonky beats, psychedelia, alternative rock, Def Jux/Anticon style left-field hip hop and more to create their own, hard as hell, unique sound. I honestly can’t remember hearing another group sound quite like this, and that is definitely a good thing.
Musically, Dr Conspiracy takes the lead on the heavy beats, but enlists the help of a full band to carve out a truly trippy, heady concoction of experimental sounds. At times the sounds make your neck snap so hard it it nearly breaks, and then their are more ethereal moments that give you time to stop and reflect before being thrown right back into the thick of it, having you head banged against a brick wall. But this is one hell of an intriguing brick wall that you want to hit your head against again and again and again.
Add to all this some of the most entertaining, intelligent, non-typical vocal performances I’ve heard in sometime, including guest spots from Homeboy Sandman and Paten Locke, “The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle” is one of the best albums we’ve heard all year. Avoiding the cliches of both mainstream and underground hip hop, The Difference Machine are treading their own path, on their own journey and doing extremely well. If you have any interest in non-mainstream, non-typical hip hop, or music in general, please give these guys a listen.
The album is out Friday 24th of July on LP, cassette and digital all available via their bandcamp page. Check out what a difference a machine makes, you won’t be disappointed.


Mongrels – Attack The Monolith

“Attack The MONGRELS_ATTACK_album_coverMonolith” has been years in the making, but it’s well worth the wait. Fans of Kid Acne’s previous work, this is the album you’ve always been waiting for. Taking Acne’s unique rhyming styles, mixing them with Benjamins lo-fi, crunchy old skool influenced beats, add New Kingdoms Sebash into the mix as a honorary Monrgel (he appear on 10 out of the 12 tracks here) and you are in for one hell of a bugged out hip hop ride!
There is an old skool feel to this album, but the Mongrels aren’t stuck in the past, nor would I call this weird or left-field as such. “Attack The Monolith” is the sound of two well versed b-boy’s who aren’t afraid to do things their own way, Kid Acne and Benjamin just out there doing their thing. I doubt they could sound different if they tried, the DIY, lo-fi, punk rock styles are ingrained in their DNA and it’s all the better for it. Kid Acne provides many a pop culture reference, giving mention to anything from Phantom of the Paradise and The Wicker to Lenny Henry’s Crucial FM, making you smile without sounding like a joke or coming off corny.
As well as Sebash, the album boasts guest spots from two of the UK finest, Juice Aleem appears on the gravelly head knodder “Man From Atlantis” and Strange U’s Lord Roa lays down knowledge on “You Dig Raps Pt.2” and “Underground Dwellers”.
The whole album is the perfect example of how to make killer music, not being concerned with what or how people say hip hop should sound, just doing things your own way, chucking it out there and seeing what happens. We need more albums like this out there, especially in the UK hip hop world. Definitely a contender for album of the year!
Digital is available from the 27/05/16 from iTunes and pre-order your vinyl copy HERE

Pete Sasqwax & 82 – Blindedytheirlies

UK prodsasqwaxucer Pete Sasqwax has teamed up with Swedish poet/rapper 82 on this new track, “Blindedbytheirlies”.
A dark, electronic, down beat, fuzzy monster of a track, it builds perfectly as progesses and definitely gets your head nodding. 82’s lyrics fit perfectly over Mr Sasqwax super nice production, together they sound similar to a release you would have heard from Anticon in their heyday, without sounding dated.
Grab the single, which includes the instrumental, now for Name Your Price and expect more to come soon…we can’t wait!


Ominous Signs – Searching The Fire

oneAfter some dark, gothic, moody (in a good way) hip hop? Well look no further. Ominous Signs are Finnish producer Aendiem and US rapper Cognition, together they have created an EP of dark, brooding hip hop. “Searching The Fire” will appeal to fans of alternative rappers like Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Eyedea and the like.
This is a great 4 track EP, hopefully hinting at what is to come in the future. Grab it now, and give up some cash if you like what you hear!

Awkward – We Are Dead Planets ft. N8 Noface (video)

Check out the latest video from Awkwards “Metal At The Core” album. “We Are Dead Planets” features the vocal talents of N8 Noface, musically it’s kind of hard to pin down. It chugs along like a heavy rock track, but is full of electronic hip hop madness, see for yourself. If you want to hear more along these lines, check out Awkwards podcast mix he provided us with last month (Podcast No.10).

Bloodmoney & Morbidily-O-Beats – The Art Of Self Destruction

blood As soon as we mention one release, I Had An Accident Records are at it again. This time the cassette album comes from US rapper Bloodmoney alongside producer Morbidily-O-Beats.
“The Art Of Self Destruction” is a collection of off-key, experimental, dark hip hop, exactly what you’d expect to hear on IHAA judging from their past releases.
The album is release on both cassette and digitally on Feb 11th, but you can download the track, “Please Help Us” for free from Bloodmoneys soundcloud page now.

Jimmy Greek & Waatu – Maude’s Delicacies

jimmyJimmy Greek and Waatu release their new collaboration, “Maude’s Delicacies”.
This is full-on, hardcore, raw underground hip hop, coming from left-field. Grimey, gritty, the EP has a real rock influence, without sounding like weak nu-metal (does that still exist? Lets hope not). This give the EP a different feel to a lot of the modern left-field hip hop being released right now and adds to its hard edge.
Jimmy Greek reminds me of a grittier Slug or Sole,  there’s also an Odd Future feel to style and energy, but he comes off a lot nastier, in a good way.
A full length album is set for release in 2014, so for now you can down “Maude’s Delicacies” for your chosen price via bandcamp. The EP consists of 4 new original tracks and 3 remixes, well worth a download I’m sure you will agree.

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