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Amanaz – Africa

FirstAfrica Artwork released in 1975, Amanaz ‘Africa’ is a classic piece of Zambian psychedelic, beat heavy, acid rock or Zamrock as it has come to be known. Originally there were two versions of the album, one was dry, with loud vocals and drums, the second was covered with heavy reverb loosing the vocals and drums somewhere in the haze.
Now-Again records have resurrected this excellent album, taking both versions and cleaning them up as much they possibly can, the mastered are long lost,to give the listeners the cleanest copies of this rare album.
Here you have the laid back ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘Khala My Friend’ along with the raucous, bugged out sounds of ‘Making The Scene’. Whatever mood the band are in the fuzz is always present, fuzzed out guitars, heavy on the distortion giving even the most mellow moments a harder and more exciting edge.
Out now on all formats from Now-Again do not miss out on this forgotten classic. Buy HERE check out a taster below.



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