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Meakoom & Bare Beats – ME

Bare Beats has teamed up soul vocalist Meakoom to create the new 3 track ep, “ME”. The ep see’s Bare Beats providing the soulful, yet slightly off key, electronic based beats for Meakoom to let loose over. The soulful musing from Meakoom were all impromptu giving it a more immediate feel, anything could have happened but this is what they arrived at and it sounds damn good.
Grab the “ME”, including all instrumentals, from bandcamp for name your price download.

Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms – The Bare Dusty Beat Tape

UK producers Bare Beats and Dusty Ohms have teamed up to release the beat tape, “The Bare Dusty Beat Tape”. Bare Beats takes control on the first side of the tape, with a little help from Jabba Tha Kut and Dusty Ohms handles side two. The two beat makers have come together to create a beat tape with an overall vibe that links the pairs production and creates a very enjoyable listen. Electronic, wonky, forward thinking hip hop beats are the order of the day here, all perfectly executed over 26 tracks.
Out now on Millennium Jazz  records.

Stray Dog – Soap

straydogStray Dog returns with a new EP “Soap”, once again produced by Bare Beats. The combination of Stray Dog’s fragile, haunting vocals and Bare Beats sparse, dark, electronic production works perfectly over these 5 tracks. Elements of Massive Attack style trip hop, Boards of Canada soundscapes, future beats chugging rhythms, along with dark, indie pop can all be found on “Soap”. Definitely worth a listen and a download, all for free!
Download the “Soup” HERE


The Kemistry – Losing It

Check out the new single from The Kemistry, “Losing It”. The original version is a low-slung, jazzy, soulful afair, and very nice it is too. But really it’s all about the Alt Dub version remixed by Bare Beats. Taking the track further into the darkness, with it’s laid back, dubbed out wonky electronics. Part dub reggae, part soul, part jazz, part…well you get the picture. Download both versions for free HERE and check out the excellent video for Bare Beats version.

Bare Beats/Stray Dog – Cling

bare“Cling” is the new 5 track EP from producer Bare Beats and singer Stray Dog aka Iona Roisin. Both have worked on each others solo releases in the past and they have now come together for a full release, and I have to say the collaboration works really well.
Musically it is laid back, electronic beats with classical and alternative influences, vocally Roisin is soulful, yet still with indie appeal. You can just as easily imagine her singing with an acoustic guitar as you can over these beats, Marlena Topley Bird would be a good comparison.
“Cling” is a melding of two styles that work perfectly together, creating an EP full of real emotion and feeling.

Bare Beats – Strangeways

I’ve been caught sleeping! Sorry to say it, but I have. I have only just heard about East London producer Bare Beats. I was linked to this free download, the alternative version of his recent albums title track, “Strangeways”.
I was intrigued and impressed by the ambient, electronic style of Bare’s beats. It’s coming from hip hop, there’s full hip hop sensibilities, but some may find it hard to call his music hip hop, but then again that’s exactly why I like it.
Check out the full “Strangeways” album, which features guest vocals by Rosie Greenwood and Stray Dog, both female singers, which again sets Bare Beats work aside from your typical UK “beats” producer.
Download the free track below, then grab yourself a copy of the full length album.

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