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Son of Sam – Cinder Hill

Son of Sam’s full length album, “Cinder Hill” is now released for your listening pleasure. The 4 piece live band have created a soulful, funky, with hints of rock, album in the vein of classic boom bap hip hop. The list of MC’s the band have got on board is highly impressive, including the likes of Sadat X, Guilty Simpson, Large Professor, Soundsci, Prince Po and more. The album works really well as a whole, but stand out tracks for us are “Forward March” featuring Oxygen and 7even Thirty, “Deep Breath” featuring Jamall Bufford and “Put It On Ya” with Soundsci and Mr Thing.
For anyone out there who likes their hip hop super funky, “Cinder Hill” is a must have for you!

Funky DL – Incognito In Soho

Funky DL returns with a fully instrumental album, “Incognito In Soho”. Here the UK vet mixes up super nice, laid back jazzy vibes, with solid head nodding hip hop beats. This is instrumental hip hop for all those “real” boom bap fans out there.
With each track crafted as a fresh landscape for this project, this cohesive listening experience of 10 tracks in under 40 minutes showcases Funky DL’s unmatched ability to curate beats and samples through layering, comprehensive filtering and effortless whilst meticulous arrangement. Many beat-makers release beat-tapes compiling old and second-rate throw away music from their archives, but DL’s approach here is no different from when he is preparing to produce new music for his vocal work; only the best beats will do. This one of the fundamental reasons that Funky DL has been for so long considered a global treasure in Jazz and Hip-Hop production. ‘Incognito In Soho’ intends to take the listener through various emotive states from the lament of “The Glimmer of Nightfall”, to the excitement of “Gallery of Glass”, as well as the contrasts in “Turbulent Serenity”, each track allows the listener to lose themselves into the exploration of the night; as if they were ‘Incognito In Soho’.
Buy it now from Funky DL’s bandcamp page, and check out the video to “The Glimmer of Nightfall”.



Sadat X – Da Hustle Don’t Stop

Check out the new video from Brand Nubian vet Sadat X with a little help from Fokis and Ed OG. The track is taken from Sadat’s brand new album “Agua” out now on Tommy Boy Records.

Funky DL – Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2

UK veteran Funky DL is back with a brand new album, “Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2”. It’s great to see DL is still out there doing his thing, bringing us a fresh release of funky, jazzy, soulful, head nodding hip hop, just as you would expect. Grab the CD or download now!

SoundSci – Walk The Earth

soundsciSoundsci return with a serious new video and awesome new album. The album, “Walk The Earth”, is the transatlantic groups 3rd long player and gives you exactly what you want. Super heavy, dusty funky break beats laced with articulate, upfront, true school rhyming, this album gives you everything you love about “golden era” hip hop and brings it straight into 2016 and beyond. The video, “The Art of Smoke and Mirrors” is a hard hitting track with an equally hard hitting video. Looking at the recent police brutality taking place in America and the rise of evil itself, Donald Trump.
Grab the digital version from the groups bandcamp page, vinyl coming soon, along with the two recently released 7″ singles also taken from the album.


Jazz Spastiks – Tapes

The Jazz Spasjazztiks are back with a new singe, ‘Tapes’.
‘Tapes’ features Rebels To The Grain and is exactly what you’d expect, high quality, smooth, head nodding boom bap hip hop. The new track may not break any new ground, but it sounds sweet and that’s all that really matters isn’t it.
Download it now for free via bandcamp.

Herma Puma feat. QNC – Killing Me 7″

UK proHR016S_Asideducer Herma Puma returns with a new single on Hero Records featuring hip hop legends QNC.
The single is a double A side 7″ release with the slick ‘Killing Me’ leading the way. This is a smooth slice of straight up boom bap hip hop.
On the flip side things get more grimey, as Herma Puma aka Pimpernel Jones, gets low down and dirty on the production. ‘I Did It (For Hip Hop)’ is a real hard, head nodding track, with QNC laying down the law, taking it back to why they started in the game.
A must for any golden era hip hop fans and funky beat lovers, you can grab the limited 7″ now.

Jazz Spastiks – ‘The Product’ Remixes

JazzThe Jazz Spastiks released their excellent, “The Product” album earlier this year, taking things back to the classic sampled based hip hop sound.
Now they unleased “The Product Remixes” album. Taking the albums vocal tracks, featuring Sach, Lady Bug Mecca,Moka Only, Yesh, Apani B Fly and Count Bass D, and giving them a new twist and re-fix.
Available now on CD and in conjunction with Dusty Platter, on limited black and blue vinyl 12″ available HERE.

Parallax – Hip Hop Philosophy (video)

Check out the new video from Parallax, “Hip Hop Philosophy”. The UK MC/producer lays down his philosophy on modern hip hop and how it should be about the music rather than girls, guns and gold. Good sentiment, well presented over a jazzy head nodding beat. Look out for his debut e.p “Depth Perception” coming soon.

UGeorge – Blowing Up feat. SoundSci (video)

Check out the new video from UGeorge featuring Soundsci. “Blowing Up” is taken from the World Expo Records 2014 Sampler 10″ single, which also features new tracks from Soundsci and Ollie Teeba, all taken from their forthcoming albums. As ever, this is classic hip hop with emphasis on the boom and the bap!

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